Worldless Wednesday – Sanders Photo Book – Image 47

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Photo from New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut. From an album with an inscription including Sanders-Fryher – New Britain, Conn.

Sanders-Fryher Photo Book Image 47

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  1. Hi Jim,
    After you commented on my Arbuckle post I was eager to read your blog. Really enjoyed it and the picture of the four guys, two with instruments was a treasure. Thanks again.
    Sue Edminster

    • Jim Sanders

      Hi Sue,
      I love that photo as well. According to my dad his uncles had some type of band and played a lot locally in New Britain, CT.
      Regards, Jim

  2. What a neat picture! I like the fact they are playing the instruments instead of just holding them.

    • Jim Sanders

      My great uncles reportedly played in a band for some time in New Britain, CT. I have a photo of an advertisement for one of their events somewhere. I just can’t put my hands on it right now…


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