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About the Publisher Behind Hidden Genealogy Nuggets

Hidden Genealogy Nuggets
Jim Sanders

The Hidden Genealogy Nuggets (HGN) website is a hobby of mine. It grew out of my interest in preserving my family history. I am an amateur genealogist and love finding those hidden genealogy nuggets about my family. My father William Alfred Sanders before he passed away had been researching the genealogy of our family for over thirty years. He left a lot of paperwork and well documented sources for me to use and add to the family history.

I am by profession an Information Technology professional though at some point in the future may enjoy a career change into the genealogy field. HGN website has a free search engine with thousands of Connecticut Records loaded in its database. The HGN blog features a wide variety of topics from looking at ways I’ve been able to find genealogy nuggets about my family, to reviewing a history or genealogy related book to pointing out other blogs I’ve been following and have enjoyed reading myself. The website also features a section for family tree fun.

My most treasured possession in all the family history related items I’ve acquired is a 19th century family photo album. The existence of this album was unknown to any member of the family. Out of the blue I was contacted by someone who worked at a museum who indicated they may have an old family photo of mine. The photo album had a hand written note on the inside cover and this person found me by finding some posts I made on a genealogy forum. After some email exchanges, we found out I was indeed a direct descendant and now have the album in my possession. I am forever grateful for that kind person.

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