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Genealogy by the States – Week 44 – Wyoming

Posted by on Sunday, 3 November, 2013

This week’s blogging prompt is the State of Wyoming. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to Wyoming. If you don’t have any connections to Wyoming, find a Wyoming resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 11/3/2013 – 11/9/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.


Since I do not have any family connections to Wyoming, I will highlight one resource from this state.

The Wyoming State Archives has a fair amount of resource materials available online. From their main page, click on “Database and Inventories”. Once you get there, you will have these record types to explore.

  • Death Certificates
  • Wyoming Newspapers
  • City Directories (coming soon according to the website)
  • State Directories
  • Map Database

If you have family connections be sure to check out this website as well as the ones listed below.

A few Wyoming Genealogy Links

Wyoming Newspaper Archives at Genealogy Bank