52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy – Week 10 – Genealogy Road Trip

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I don’t know if this would technically be a genealogy road trip but I did meet a number of family members I had not remembered ever seeing before or since. The trip happened many years ago when I was just a young boy.

We all packed in a car or two and drove from Connecticut to Long Island, New York. The exact town and destination I do not remember. We arrived at the house of my dad’s 1st cousin (Buster). I remember the house seemed a little small but I remember the pool in the back yard and another cousin who live right across through the back yard. He also had a pool.

I was playing around near the poolside and the next thing I knew someone had pulled me into the water. I’m pretty sure I was trying to tease someone and he ended up getting the most laughs. It was ok and all in good fun. Later after dinner we all gathered outside onto a porch, perhaps with a small fire going. We played a game of twenty questions trying to solve some type of riddle during that time. What the riddle was or the yes/no questions we asked I don’t remember. I just remember it being a little cold, but hving a lot of fun.

When it was time to go to sleep, we pitched a huge tent. There were two rooms in the tent and it seemed like it could sleep twelve of us or more. Unfortunately it poored that night. I woke up and I was soaking wet. I remember going into the house and ended up sleeping inside.

The next day it was time to leave. The whole trip had been a lot of fun. I got to meet my dad’s cousin. That’s the last time I remember ever going over his house.

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  1. Hi Jim– sounds like a great trip. I would love to spend a couple of weeks in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, visiting cousins and doing research.

    • Jim Sanders

      Hi Karen, It certainly was a great trip. I love spending time with family.

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