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Genealogy by the States – Week 37 – Nebraska

Posted by on Sunday, 15 September, 2013

This week’s blogging prompt is the State of Nebraska. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to Nebraska. If you don’t have any connections to Nebraska, find a Nebraska resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 9/15/2013 – 9/21/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.

Since I do not have any family ties to the state of Nebraska which I’m aware of, this week I will highlight a genealogy resource which I believe will be helpful to those who do have ancestors in Nebraska.

The Nebraska State Historical Society has a number of searchable databases on it’s website which include;

If you have Nebraska ancestors, be sure to check out this website.

A few Nebraska Genealogy Links

Nebraska Newspaper Archives at Genealogy Bank

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