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Wordless Wednesday: Civil War Photo of Patrick Fraher

Posted by on Wednesday, 30 January, 2013

This is my Patrick Fraher in his civil war uniform. He enlisted in the 12 US Regular Army in up state New York.

Patrick Fraher/Fryher Civil War Veteran - tin type photo


Amanuensis Monday: Stafford (Virginia) Death Records 1856-57

Posted by on Monday, 28 January, 2013

The following appeared in the The Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society Newsletter for Winter 2012. The original compilation was done by Tripp Wiggins. I’m happy to publish this compilation after being asked by club members to publish it here.


Stafford Death Records 1856-1857

We continue in our quest to provide local records (that are NOT available on Ancestry or Family Search as far as I know). This issue we continue with Stafford County Death Records from the Death Registers at the Stafford County Court House. (Did you know they allow researchers to use digital cameras! They are forward thinking and genealogist friendly!)

As to the records and what they contain. They are quite good at providing death dates, causes, birthplace, and parents’ names. For all they also record who the informant was. I have left them off here but that will go on the website. Normally it is the husband, wife, parent, or child. In the case of slaves, it is normally the owner/master.

To save space, I occasionally abbreviated first names. Those abbreviations are included at the end of the listings. As we get closer to the civil war timeframe, you will notice several years where deaths were simply not recorded: 1862-64 and 1866, but that is for future issues. If you have someone who died between 1853 and 1875 in Stafford, and I haven’t run that year yet, email me and I’ll do a lookup in my images.


Name White
Cause Age Parents Birthplace
Laura Lee W F 11 Jul 1856 Whooping Cough 1y1m Wm & Sarah H Lee Stafford Co
not named S F 20 Sep 1856 UNK 2m Betty Jones Stafford Co
UNK Stiers W M 30 Nov 1856 UNK 5 day JL & Sally A Stires Stafford Co
Abraham S M 30 Apr 1856 Affectation of Heart 9 Harriet Stafford Co
Ursula Cooper S F 9 Nov 1856 Consumption 42 Stafford Co
Samuel H Skinker W M 8 Aug 1856 Dropsey 72 Wm & Mary A Skinker Pr Wm Co
George Jackson S M 25 Dec 1856 UNK 7 Martha Jackson Stafford Co
Betty S F Sep 1856 Spasms 8y1m18d Caroline Stafford Co
Nancy S F Dec 1856 UNK 16 not listed Stafford Co
Lizzy S F 6  Jan 1856 Erysipelas 21 not listed Stafford Co
not named S F 2 Apr 1856 Not listed 2m not listed Stafford Co
Ann Pilcher W F 26 Aug 1856 Cancer 65 Sarah Judd Stafford Co
Abednego Stewart S M Oct 1856 Typhoid fever 20 Chas & Patsy Stewart Stafford Co
Abner C Harding W M 25 Dec 1856 Consumption 39y5m Mark & Nancy Harding Stafford Co
Henry Howard S M Nov 1856 Dropsey 13 Eliza Stafford Co
Eliza York S F 16 Dec 1856 Typhoid fever 17 not listed Stafford Co
UNK Ashby W M 25 Dec 1856 Affection of Head 1m 14d James & Fanny Ashby Stafford Co
Wm M Lewis W M Nov 1856 Disease of Bowels 25 Unknown Stafford Co
Thomas Clark W M 21 Sep 1856 Flux 15y10m1d John & Jane Clark Fredericksburg
Josephine Clark W F 9 Sep 1856 Flux 8y1m18d John & Jane Clark Fredericksburg
Henry Botts W M 13 Aug 1856 Flux 14y7m14d Wm & Sophia Botts Stafford Co
Endolphus J Botts W M 22 Aug 1856 Flux 4m5d Wm & Sophia Botts Stafford Co
Martha S F 13 Aug 1856 Flux 7y2m not listed Stafford Co
Alexander S M 22 Aug 1856 Flux 9 not listed Stafford Co
not named S M Sep 1856 UNK 7d not listed Stafford Co
Beverley M Harding W M 9 Oct 1856 UNK 7d Thomas & Amanda Harding Stafford Co
Billy Allen S M 20 Oct 1856 Flux 7 Hannah Allen Stafford Co
Edward Allen S M 15 Oct 1856 Flux 8m Hannah (same mother) Stafford Co
W H White S M Oct 1856 Putrid Sore Throat 3 Virgin Stafford Co
not named S F 10 Nov 1856 Scofula 8m Malinda Corbin Stafford Co
not named S F 1 DEC 1856 Croup 6m Malinda Banks Stafford Co
Benj W Bridwell W M 24 Oct 1856 consumption 33y8m Richd & Eliz Bridwell Stafford Co
James W Johnson W M 29 Sep 1856 Suicide 31 Joseph & Sally Johnson Stafford Co
Samuel T Green S M 1 Sep 1856 Typhoid fever 12 Mary Stafford Co
Priscilla Green S F 1 Sep 1856 Typhoid fever 10 Mary (same mother) Stafford Co
Fielding Clift W M 1 Jul 1856 Dropsey 84 Unknown King Geo Co
Mary Mountjoy W F Aug 1856 Disease of Heart 62 Ezekiel & Susan Payne Stafford Co
Nancy Heflin W F 6 Jul 1856 Dispeptie 70 Wm & Susan Heflin Stafford Co
Fanny S F Mar 1856 Cold 5 Ellen Stafford Co
Enoch M Grayson F M 5 Aug 1856 Bowel Disease 5y4m Mary & J Grayson Stafford Co
Mildred C Garrison W F Mar 1856 UNK 4m James S Garrison not listed
Thomas Smith W M 20 Nov 1856 Killed by Fall 60 Unknown Stafford Co
Horace W Johnson S M 10 Apr 1856 died from fall 14d Lucinda Johnson Stafford Co
John Griffis W M 8 Jul 1856 Consumption 65 John & Susan Griffis Stafford Co
Morgan Howard F M 25 Oct 1856 Flux 5 Wm & Nancy Howard Stafford Co
Mary Grayson F F 21 Sep 1856 Flux 10m Silas & Ann Grayson Stafford Co
not named S Jun 1857 UNK 3m not listed Stafford Co
not named S F 15 Feb 1857 Whooping Cough 7 not listed Stafford Co
Johnson Juggins S M 15 Jan 1857 Croup 1y8m not listed Stafford Co
not named F Oct 1857 UNK 2m not listed Stafford Co
not named S 13 Jul 1857 UNK 7d not listed Stafford Co
John Newton W M 28 Jul 1857 Carbunkle 52 Benj & Nancy Newton Stafford Co
not named S F Jun 1857 UNK 3m not listed Stafford Co
Joshua Reamy W M 6 Nov 1857 Appoplexy 67 Berryman & Jane Ramey Westmoreland Co
Lucy S F Mar 1857 UNK 65 not listed Westmoreland Co
John W Coleman W M 21 Aug 1857 Consumption 59 James & Mary Coleman Caroline Co
Hannah Stone W F 23 Jan 1857 Old Age 83 James & Susan Withers Stafford Co
Rowzee Colvin W M Oct 1857 Drowned Mary Colvin Stafford Co
not named S M 2 Sep 1857 Bowel Disease 1y not listed Stafford Co
Lucy L Minor W F 28 Aug 1857 not listed 6m23d John & Eliz Minor Stafford Co
not named S F Smothered 7m not listed Stafford Co
Nelson S M 25 Jul 1857 Measles 9 not listed Stafford Co
Caroline Allen S F 20 Apr 1857 UNK 12 not listed Stafford Co
Catherine S F 10 Nov 1857 Burnt 3 not listed King Geo Co
UNK Primmer W F 4 Aug 1857 UNK 17d Abraham & Eliz Primmer Stafford Co
Mary English W F 30 Jun 1857 Water on the Brain 28 Benj & Margt Gollahorn Stafford Co
Baylis Davis W M 24 Aug 1857 Bilious Fever 48y6m not listed Stafford Co
UNK Timmons W F Aug 1857 Whooping Cough 4m James & Mary Timmons Stafford Co
William Jones W M 3 May 1857 Disease of the Brain 58y3m25d Allen & Barbary Jones Stafford Co
A S Lewellyn W M 31 Apr 1857 Dropsey 48 Able & Eliz Lewellyn Norfolk Co
UNK Callahan W M 5 May 1857 Not listed 2m10d Allen & Sarah Callahan Stafford Co
Enoch Williams F M 4 Feb 1857 Pneumonia 1 Olly & Sally Williams Stafford Co
UNK Boice 12 Jun 1857 Disentary 30d Eden & Isabella Boice Stafford Co
UNK Anderson W M 1 Sep 1857 Measles 1m John & Delphia Anderson Stafford Co
Catherine Armstrong W F 7 Aug 1857 Bowel Disease 68 Jesse & Betty Armstrong Stafford Co
Jane S F 1 Aug 1857 Dysentary 17 not listed Stafford Co
Mary Armstrong W F 25 Oct 1857 Affection of Heart 70 Wm & Ann Alexander Stafford Co
Robert Rogers W M 4 Dec 1857 Cold 77 Alex & Catherine Rogers Ireland
Wm A Patton W M 25 Feb 1857 Severe Cold 45 John & Sheba Patton Stafford Co
James A Clift W M 22 Apr 1857 Scarlet Fever 13 Albert & Mary E Clift Stafford Co
Benj Gollahorn W M 8 Sep 1857 Paralysis 63 Soloman Gollahorne Stafford Co
UNK Monroe W M 9 Mar 1857 UNK 2m Franklin & Sarah Monroe Stafford Co
Ellen S F 1 Dec 1857 Pneumonia 12 not listed Stafford Co
Milly Washington S F 1 Aug 1857 Dropsey 45 not listed Stafford Co
UNK Fritter W M 8 Sep 1857 Scarlet Fever 1m8d WP & Eliza Fritter Stafford Co
UNK Garrison W F 25 Oct 1857 UNK 1m Leonard & Lucretia Garrison Stafford Co
Rachel Lewis W F 14 Dec 1857 Not listed 75 Esum & Ann Portch Stafford Co
Samuel Humphries W M 1 Dec 1857 Cancer 22 Sanford & Jane Humphries Stafford Co
Ann E Williams W F 1 Sep 1857 Bowel Disease 2 Alex & Catherine Williams Stafford Co
Sarah E Shelton W F 10 May 1857 Typhoid Fever 1y2m RM & Eliza Shelton Stafford Co
Margt Jones F F Nov 1857 Burnt 5 Billy & Susan Jones Stafford Co
Georganna Shelton W F 3 Sep 1857 Dysentary 1y4m Walter & Sarah Shelton Stafford Co
William Griffis W M 25 Dec 1857 Killed by Knocker 54 Wm & Mildred Griffis Pr Wm Co

Name abbreviations: Alex/Alexr = Alexander; Benj = Benjamin; Chs/Chas = Charles; Danl = Daniel; Edwd = Edward; Eliza/Eliz: = Elizabeth; Jas = James; Jos = Joseph; Margt = Margaret; Richd = Richard; Thos = Thomas; Wm = William


Virginia Newspaper Archives at Genealogy Bank



Amanuensis Monday: Third Primary School Records, Seymour Connecticut, 1892-93

Posted by on Monday, 28 January, 2013

How about having 36 boys and 27 girls in one classroom?  Of course not everyone must have shown up every day, but that is a lot. The following are school records very useful for genealogy from 1892-93.


School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
Third Primary Mattie S. Rider 1892 – 93


Name Age Last birthday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Maud Bradley F 9 1 Aug 19 Mr. John Bradley
Minnie Bishop F 7 8 Dec 24 Mr. Henry Bishop
Lizzie Carney F 9 4 May 10 Mr. Patrick Carney
Fannie Conine F 9 1 Aug 19 Mr. Henry Conine
Hester Carlson F 10 4 May 10 Mr. Charles Carlson
Nellie Fitzgerald F 9 0 Sept 1 Mr. Michael Fitzgerald
Mabel Halligan F 8 11 Nov 29 Mr. Henry Halligan
Tilda Kolb F 9 8 Jan 18 Mr. John Kolb
Maggie Molan F 8 9 Dec 29 Mr. Thomas Molan
Nina Mason F 9 7 Feb 16 Mr. Charles Mason
Margaret OKeefe F 8 9 Dec 19 Mr. Edward OKeefe
Mary Rus F 9 11 Sept 19 Mr. William Rus
Gussie Scheffler F 9 11 Oct 16 Mr. John Scheffler
Lena Simmons F 11 8 Jan 25 Mr. Eden Simmons
Tammy Schneider F 8 9 Dec 10 Mr. Henry Schneider
Annie Tucker F 9 4 May 6 Mr. Charles Tucker
Helen Warner F 10 2 July 19 Mr. Wallace Warner
Blanche Washburn F 9 9 Dec 6 Mr. George Washburn
Bessie Wakely F 9 6 Mar 2 Mr. George Wakely
Olive Wilingworth F 10 8 Dec 3 Mrs. Jane Wilingworth
Lillian Mason F 8 11 Sept 26 Mr. William Mason
Daisy Lyons F 9 11 Aug 6 Mr. John Lyons
Lizzie Tamkil F 9 10 July 5 Mr. Edward Tamkil
Bessie Tocher F 8 7 Sept 8 Master Charles Tocher
Retta Shonheimer F 9 9 July 8 Mr. Henry Shonheimer
Lucy Carney F 8 5 Sept 30 Mr. Patrick Carney
Lydia Schmidhausler F 10 6 Oct 18 Mr. Henry Schmidhausler
Michael Bennett M 12 5 April 21 Mr. Morris Bennett
Louie Bullis M 11 6 March 22 Mr. Frank Bullis
Walter Burgess M 11 1 Aug 12 Mr. Arthur Burgess
Alfred Collington M 8 11 Sept 19 Mr. Henry Collington
Johnie Cass M 9 2 July 12 Mr. Nicholas Cass
Dannie Cass M 9 6 Mar 3 Mr. William Cass
Charlie Duestin M 13 6 Mar Mr. Henry Duestin
Johnie Deady M 7 6 Mar 21 Mr. James Deady
Ira Dick M 8 7 Feb 25 Mr. Charles Dick
Norman French M 10 3 June 18 Mr. Edward French
Willie Finkle M 12 6 Mar 27 Mr. Albert Finkle
George Garrett M 9 3 June 24 Mr. Lewis Garrett
Lewis Hull M 9 4 May 25 Mr. John Hull
Ralph Hollaney M 9 0 Sept 5 Mr. John Hollaney
Ned Jewett M 9 11 Sept 18 Mr. Charles Couper?
Dennis McNerney M 8 3 June 6 Mr. Michael McNerney
Harold Moore M 8 12 Nov 9 Mr. O D Syku?
Arthur Maybury M 8 0 Spet 1 Mr. Charles Maybury
George Myers M 9 6 Mar 24 Mr. August Myers
Willie Mathers M 8 11 Oct 12 Mr. Charles Mathers
Walter Mystrom M 9 11 Sept 10 Mr. Peter Mystrom
Willie ODonnell M 9 11 Oct 1 Mr. William ODonnell
Michael Regan M 7 9 Dec 18 Mr. Michael Regan
Eddie Regan M 11 2 July 19 Mr. James Regan
Jossie Scheffer M 7 11 Oct 18 Mr. Wolfgang Scheffer
August Smith M 13 2 July 24 Mr. Adam Smith
Robbie Tolles M 8 8 Jan 13 Mr. Stiles Tolles
Howard Warner M 8 4 May 5 Mr. Wallace Warner
Fred Wirth M 11 2 July 1 Mr. Charles Wirth
James Smith M 9 3 June 25 Mr. Edward Smith
Alfred Kohler M 9 1 Aug 16 Mr. Edward Kohler
John Kolb M 13 3 June 26 Mr. Philip Kolb
Joseph Blythe M 11 6 Mar 9 Mr. Clinton Blythe
Robert Morris? M 9 7 Feb 28 Mr. Robert Morris?
Harry Hart M 9 5 Nov 8 Mr. Henry Hart
Bennie Manley M 9 5 Nov 22 Mr. John Manley



Genealogy by the States – Week 4 – Georgia

Posted by on Sunday, 27 January, 2013

This week’s blogging prompt is the State of Georgia. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to Georgia. If you don’t have any connections to Georgia, find a Georgia resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 1/27/2013 – 2/2/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.


Joseph Dallas Poole was the third great grandfather of my wife.

Joseph Dallas Pool was born in October 1844 in Georgia.  Joseph’s mother and father were both from Georgia.  Joseph was a black man and presumably grew up as a slave before the Civil War.  Shortly after the Civil War ended, he presumably married young black girl named Sarah.  In 1870, Joseph, Sarah and two young children William and George were living in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  Neither Joseph nor his wife Sarah could read or write.  He was working as a farm laborer.  The neighborhood included many young white and black families.  Virtually everyone in the area worked on farms.

On May 2, 1875, Joseph was married to Annette Parks.  Sarah is believed to have died in 1874 or 1875.  In 1880, (Joseph) Dallas and his wife Nattie are living in District 248 of Jackson County, Georgia.  Dallas and Nattie have seven children living with them, William, George, Jess, Mary S, Lulah, Fannie and Jnett.  Fannie and Jnett were the only children born after Joseph and Annette were married. In about 1895, Joseph married a young black girl named Nancy.  Nancy was about thirty years younger than her husband was.  In 1900, Joe and Nancy were living in the Cunningham District of Jackson County, Georgia.  Living with them were Lula, Joe H, Joe (grandson of Joseph Dallas Pool) and six boarders.  Joseph rents his property and is working as a farmer.  Living right next to him is his son Jess, along with Jess’ wife and three young children.

In 1910, Joe and his wife Nattie are living in the Cunningham District of Jackson County, Georgia.  Livings with them are their son Joe H, James and an adopted son.  Also living with them are John Maddox, his wife Birtha and a son.  John Maddox was one of the boarders living in the household in 1900.  Joe is still can’t read or write and was working on the farm he rents.  Living a couple households away is Joe H. Pool (presumably his grandson), his wife and a son.

In January 1920, (Joseph) Dal and his wife Nancy are living in the Randolph District of Jackson County, Georgia.  Living with them is their son Jim.  Living right next door is Joe Henry Pool, his wife Annie May and their son William.  The neighborhood in which they live is mostly young white families working on farms.  On February 12, 1920, Joseph Dallas Pool died in Jackson County, Georgia. 

Dall Pool - Georgia Death Certificate

Children of Joseph Dallas Pool and Sarah [–?–]

1. William Poole, b. Abt. 1867, GA, d. unknown
2. George Poole, b. May 1869, GA, d. 19-Jul-1921 Logan Co., AR; m. Mary Blake Abt. 1886, GA, b. Nov 1866 GA, d. 1934, AR.; both are buried in the Poole Family Cemetery in Scranton, Logan County, Arkansas.
3. Jess Poole, b. Apr. 1873, GA, d. Dec 22, 1922, Logan Co, AR; m.Mizsa [–?–] Abt 1896, GA, b. Dec 1873, GA, d. unknown.
4. Mary S. Poole, b. Abt. 1874 GA, d. unknown
5. Lulah Poole, b. Abt. 1875 GA, d. unknown

Children of Joseph Dallas Pool and Annette (Natttie) Parks
1. Fannie Poole, b. Abt 1877, GA, d. unknown
2. Jnett Poole, b. Dec 1879, GA, d. unknown
3. Lulah Poole, b. Dec 1877, GA, d. unknown

Children of Joseph Dallas Pool and Nancy [–?–]
1. Joe Henry Poole, b. Sep 1898, GA, d. unknown; m. Annie May [–?–] Abt. 1918 GA, b. Abt. 1900, d. unknown.
2. James Poole, b. Abt. 1905, GA, d. unknown
3. Leptus Hisah (adopted son) b. Abt 1895, d. unknown

1. 1870 US Census, Cains P O, Gwinnett County, Georgia household of Joseph Pool:  
1. 1880 US Census, District 248, Jackson County, Georgia, household of Dallas Poole:  
2. 1900 US Census, Cunningham District, Jackson County, Georgia, household of Joe D Pool:  
3. 1910 US Census, Cunningham District, Jackson County, Georgia, household of Joe D. Pool: 
4. 1920 US Census, Randolph District 248, Jackson County, Georgia, household of Dal Pool:  
5. death certificate of Dallas Poole
6. index of death records in Jackson County, Georgia
7. index of marriages in Jackson County, Georgia:
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