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Wordless Wednesday: Young girl and boy, 1860s

Posted by on Wednesday, 27 February, 2013

Tin type photo of young girl and boy from the 1860s

Tin type photo photographer, Willamantic, Connecticut


Amanuensis Monday: Unknown Seymour School Records 1892-93, Seymour Connecticut

Posted by on Monday, 25 February, 2013

This is another unknown school in Seymour Connecticut School Register

School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
? Mary C. Holbrook 1892 – 93

Name Age Last birthday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Edith Alderson F 13 Aug 19 Richard Alderson
Mary A Barr F 12 9 Nov 30 Andrew Barr
Florence M Bishop F 9 11 Sept 24 James H Bishop
Ida C Chamberlin F 11 1 July 21 Frank Chamberlin
Carrie L Crowther F 15 3 May 29 Theodore Crowther
Clara A Dean F 13 1 July 15 Samuel Dean
Ella L Hull F 12 2 June 22 Dwight Hull
Kittie E Kelleher F 11 11 Sept 25 John Kelleher
Julia F Mahoney F 13 2 Aug 5 Daniel Mahoney
Annie Mahoney F 12 10 Sept 11 Wm. Mahoney
Katie McCaner? F 11 9 Dec 8 James F McCaner?
Marion K Munson F 11 7 Jan 16 Mrs. Harriet Munson
Elsie V Peterson F 12 3 May 27 Gustave Peterson
Hannah Selinisky F 12 9 Nov 25 Charles Selinisky
Tillie B Stewart F 12 2 June 30 Gabriel Stewart
Hattie L West F 13 6 Feb 19 Wm. P Hall
Ines Gruber F 14 7 Sept 29 John Gruber
Clarence V Adams M 11 9 Dec 14 Theodore Adams
Walter J Andrew M 14 3 June 6 Jerry Andrew
Charles W Baldwin M 12 5 April 7 Noble Baldwin
Clark Botsford M 15 1 July 2 Harvey Botsford
Walter Carpenter M 14 Sept 12 Smith F Carpenter
Milton A Chochran M 14 7 Jan 16 Charles E Chochran
John Driscoll M 15 9 Dec 25 Jeremiah Driscoll
Joe Hagen M 13 1 July 22 Joseph A Hagen
Martin A Holden M 12 8 Dec 18 Henry Holden
G Walter James M 11 5 Apr 7 Geo. A James
Eddie C Jorey M 11 10 Nov 5 Chas. H Jorey
Joseph L Lanyon M 10 7 Jan 16 Wm. T Lanyon
Willie T Miles M 11 6 Mar 7 John T Miles
Howard G Morris M 11 10 Oct 18 Wm. Morris
John M Perrins M 10 3 June 11 John B Perrins
George A Simpson M 12 3 May 25 Geo. A Simpson
Stanley W Searles M 12 1 July 12 Joseph O Searles
Frank Spellman M 10 10 Oct 28 John J Spellman
Harold L Weaver M 13 Aug 17 Lazarus Weaver
Erving L Williams M 12 1 July 7 Benjamin Williams
Charlie L Wheeler M 12 5 Apr 15 Eben G Wheeler
Frank Wheeler M 7 Aug 29 Andrew L Wheeler
Louis L Mason M 11 2 June 17 Chas. H Mason
Chester Wedge M 11 7 Apr 3 Frank C Wedge
Edgar Collington M 13 9 Aug 13 Henry Collington
Charles Geary M 15 8 May 1 David Geary



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Genealogy by the States – Week 8 – South Carolina

Posted by on Sunday, 24 February, 2013

This week’s blogging prompt is the State of South Carolina. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to South Carolina. If you don’t have any connections to South Carolina, find a South Carolina resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 2/24/2013 – 3/2/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.

I have very little connections to this week’s state of South Carolina. The closet I get is not a blood relative. Robert Myron Dorman was married to Florence Clark Laurie. Florence was my great aunt. Robert was the son of Robert Newton Dorman and Clarissa Jane Bertrand. He married my great aunt Florence Clark Laurie on 15-May-1915. Robert died on 5-Jul-1946 in Greenville, South Carolina. That is the only vital record in my database with a South Carolina location.

Robert was born on 17-Apr-1892 in New Haven, Connecticut. Florence was born on 19-Feb-1897 in New Britain, Connecticut. Robert and Florence were married on 15-May-1915 at the Little Church Around The Corner in New York City.

In 1920, Robert and Florence were living in New Britain, Connecticut along with Florence’s sister Blanche. They had two daughters living Dorothy and Lillian. A son was born but was either stillborn or died very young. Robert was working as a tool maker in a hardware factory. There were many hardware factories in New Britain at that time,

By 1930, Robert and Florence had moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. In addition to two daughters they had a son who was nine years old. Robert was working as a chauffeur for a private family. They owned their home outright which was worth about $5,000.

Robert died on 5-Jul-1946 in Greenville, South Carolina.

Florence was hit by a car on October 13, 1959. She died in a convalescent home November 27, 1959.

A few South Carolina Genealogy Links


Children of Robert Myron Dorman and Florence Clark Laurie:

1. Dorothy Mae Dorman, b. 3-Apr-1916, m. Martin Frederick Howell 23-Apr-1938 in St. Petersburg, FL, d. 17-Sep-1993 in St. Petersburg, FL

2. Son, b. Abt. 1917, died as an infant

3. Lillian Ruth Dorman, b. 3-Sep-1918, m. Robert David Malone, Sr. 4-Jun-1939 in St. Petersburg, FL, d. 4-Jun-1994 in St. Petersburg, FL

4. Robert Charles Dorman, b. 15-Jun-1920, m. Mable (Hood) Turner, widow 19-May-1946 in St. Petersburg, FL, d. 14-Jul-1996 in St. Petersburg, FL


1. One Dorman Family of Connecticut and Allied Lines Bertrand, Laurie and Banks, 1991, Lillian R. Malone & Dorothy M. Stroble
2. Social Security Death Index, Dorothy M. Stroble, 17-Sep-1993 in St. Petersburg, FL
3. Social Security Death Index, Lillian R. Malone, 4-Jun-1994 in St. Petersburg, FL
4. Social Security Death Index, Robert C. Dorman, 14-Jul-1996 in St. Petersburg, FL
5. Find-a-grave, Florence Dorman
6. 1900 United States Census, New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut; Roll: T623_31077_4118710; Page: 24A; Enumeration District: 0208, Robert
7. 1910 United States Census, Plainville, Hartford, Connecticut; Roll: T624_131; Page: 17A; Enumeration District: 0235, Robert
8. 1920 United States Census, New Britain Ward 6, Hartford, Connecticut; Roll: T625_185; Page: 23A; Enumeration District: 177, Robert and Florence
9. 1930 United States Census, St Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida; Roll: 329; Page: 17B; Enumeration District: 21, Robert and Florence
10. 1900 United States Census, Middletown, Florence
11. 1910 United States Census, New Britain Ward 4, Hartford, Connecticut, ED , roll T624_134, Florence
12. WWI Draft Registration of Robert Myron Dorman
13. WWII Draft Registration of Robert Myron Dorman
14. Find-a-grave, Robert Dorman
15. Information recorded by my father William Alfred Sanders, written down in the Family Tree Maker program.

Search South Carolina Newspapers and

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Follow Friday: Preservation Maryland

Posted by on Friday, 22 February, 2013

In order to put your ancestors lives into context, you need to know a little about history and more specifically the history where your ancestors lived. Preservation Maryland is a great blog dedicated to preserving Maryland history. They cover what’s in the news each month, to stories about historical places and homes which have been saved and preserved for the people of Maryland and beyond.

Here are a few recent posts;

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