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  1. Grace Mather

    Main genealogical roadblocks include Timothy Mather who married Sarah Clark on 2/2/1792, possibly in Lyme, CT. Her father was Capt. Nathaniel Clark, probably a sea captain. Timothy and Sarah moved from CT to Lima, NY and had 7 children, most born in NY. Cannot find where either are buried. Timothy died at age 40 in 1805 so most likely Sarah remarried. I have no date in 1805 for Timothy’s death but their youngest child was born the same year.

  2. Happy Blogoversary

    • Jim Sanders

      Thank you.

  3. LOVE YOUR BLOG, JIM! What an incredible wealth of information! I have been offline this past year due to personal difficulties and I am so sorry I just saw your comment you left on my blog. My deepest apologies! I never got an email indicating that you had left a comment. I would like to put your blog on in my link section, if you don’t mind. I will await your approval! Again, love your site and my apologies for being so amiss in getting back to you!


    • Jim Sanders

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’d love for you to put a link up on your blog.

      Regards, Jim

  4. Hi Jim,
    I’m glad to learn about your blog, thanks to Gini Webb. In my blog I cover mostly MA and CT (if you go to my labels for Location: Connecticut, you’ll see a lot of posts, also check out the surnames, I bet we share some names. I’ll be following your blog. Thank you.

    • Jim Sanders

      Hi Barb,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m from Connecticut myself and if you have early roots in Connecticut, I’m sure we must share some common ancestor.

      Regards, Jim

      • Grace Mather

        Hi Jim,
        I’m not Linda but I have many early CT roots via my Mather, Clark, Miner, Matson and other families. Some loose ends as well. They were mostly in Lyme.

  5. Mary Ellen Aube

    am really anxious to recieve you bog on Ma, Maine, and New Hampshire. I have roots in all three states. Thanks for the great idea.

  6. Mikki Scandrett

    I am trying to find the Iowa state genealogy that was done in 2013. Would appreciate any help. Mikki

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