Amanuesnis Monday: Center School Seymour, CT 1891-92

Monday, April 29, 2013 Posted by Jim Sanders

This is a transcription from Center School records from Seymour, Connecticut for the school year 1891-1892.

School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
Center Josie A. Kelleher 1891 – 92


Name Age Last Bday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Henry Baldwin M 6 2 July 30 Noble Baldwin
Walter Buchler M 6 6 March 6 August Buchler
Patsy Cosgrove M 5 2 July 9 John Cosgrove
Charlie Evans M 6 8 Dec 29 George Evans
Ive Farland M 7 9 Nov 19 Peter Farland
Robbie Finkle M Perry Finkle
Charlie Flack M 12 8 Jan 13 Theodore Flack
Robbie Foster M 5 10 Oct 5 Harry Foster
Henry Jones M 4 0 Sept 2 Harry Jones
Henry Kaufman M 5 8 Jan 14 John Kaufman
Wardie Lyons M 7 3 May 29 Robert Lyons
Willie Mahoney M 7 1 Aug 2 Wm. Mahoney
John McNerney M 4 10 Nov 7 Michael McNerney
John Molane M 4 Dec 25 Thomas Molane
Lawrence ODonnell M 6 5 June 4 Wm. ODonnell
David Owens M 5 1 Aug 6 David Owens
Frank Regan M 6 2 July 4 James Regan
Albert Runmetch? M 5 6 Feb 20 Henry Runmetch?
Adam Smith M 4 2 July 20 Adam Smith
Winnifred Smith M 5 11 Oct 1 Frank Smith
Hugo Schaefer M 4 6 Jan 3 Wolfgang Schaefer
Earle Sperry M 4 9 Dec 2 Frank Sperry
Howard Tucker M 5 4 May 5 Charles Tucker
Willie McCann M 6 1 Aug 2 James McCann
Reed Wilson M 5 11 Sept 2 Thomas Wilson
Charlie Owens M 5 9 Jan 13 Richard Owens
Fielding Ireland M 5 5 June 19 John Ireland
James Fitzgerald M 5 7 Apr 1 Michael Fitzgerald
Lewis Partre M 11 3 Aug 6 John Partre
Elmer Mannson M Henry Mannson
Peter Farland M 6 10 May 31 Peter Farland
Leon Maynard M 5 1 Mar 1 Jesse Maynard
Walter Collington M
Harris Collington M
Dennis Finkle M 5 6 Oct 31 Homer Finkle
Laura Bowers F 6 9 Nov 27 Charles Bowers
Nettie Beers F 5
Josie Brandow F 6 8 Jan 21 George Brandow
Emma Bukofski F 7 11 Sept 29 Charles Bukofski
Martha Bukofski F 6 11 Oct 2 Charles Bukofski
Mary Cosgrove F 7 1 Aug 6 John Cosgrove
Flossie Evans F 4 4 May 7 George Evans
Lillie Geary F 5 2 July 6 Wm. Geary
Annie Johns F 5 8 Jan 13 Wm. Johns
Lena Kolb F 5 3 June 26 John Kolb
Bessie Lyons F 5 7 Feb 2 James Lyons
Emma Mason F 4 8 Dec 25 Charles Mason
Winnifred Ryan F 4 9 Dec 5 Thomas Ryan
Hattie Smith F 6 2 July 5 E H Smith
Lillian Warner F 5 2 June 2 Wallace A Warner
Emma Buskmiller F
Mamie Fitzgerald F Michael Fitzgerald
Fanie Thorpe F 7 6 Oct 4 Edward Thorpe
Leah Juno F 8 10 June 14 Arthur Juno
Daisy Knapp F 8 9 Apr 9 Hiram Knapp
Geurtrude Kauftman F 6 2 Feb 2 Mrs. Annie Kauftman
May Beach F 5 6 Oct 19 Benjamin Beach



Genealogy by the States – Week 17 – Ohio

Sunday, April 28, 2013 Posted by Jim Sanders

This week’s blogging prompt is the State of Ohio. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to Ohio. If you don’t have any connections to Ohio, find a Ohio resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 4/28/2013 – 5/4/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.

I don’t have any direct descendants within the state of Ohio. My wife’s ancestor Joseph Dallas Pool was from the state of Georgia. I previously wrote about him when I talked about my Georgia Connections. I tracked one of his sons Joe Henry Poole to Ohio, which is this week’s Ohio Connection.

Joe Henry Pool was the son of Joseph Dallas Pool and Nancy Osborne. He was born on September 2, 1899 in Georgia. Between the years 1921 and 1924. His wife, Anna May Moon, their son William and a daughter moved to Ohio. In 1924, Joe and Anna welcomed another boy to the family. On February 19, 1927, they welcomed Nadine to their growing family. I have not mentioned the names of one known son and one known daughter as it’s possible they are still living. I did not want to mention a living individuals name without first asking them and I was also unable to locate them to ask.

Joe Henry died on Apr 11, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio. Joe’s wife Anna lived for another 40 years and died on Apr 25, 1989 also in Cleveland, Ohio.

A few Ohio Genealogy Links

Ohio Newspaper Archives at Genealogy Bank

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Middle Aged Man, New Britain, Connecticut about 1900

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Posted by Jim Sanders

Can you provide any clues as to the identity of this man?


Approximate Date of Picture: 1898 – 1905

Description of Picture: middle aged man

Size of Picture: 4.25″ * 6.5″

Type of Picture: Cabinet Card

Possible Subject or Family Group: Sanders – Fryher

Studio: Cottage Studio 170 Elm Street New Britain, Conn

Dates the Studio was in business: 1898 – 1905 at the location of 170 Elm Street

Cabinet Card of a middle aged man in New Britain, Connecticut


Tuesday’s Tip: Hidden Genealogy Nuggets Records Search

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Posted by Jim Sanders

Did you know there are two different search engines on the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website outside of this blog.

The first search engine Free Ancestry Search at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets contains more than 15,000 records which are mostly from Connecticut. These are records which I have personally indexed and have put into a database. There isn’t an image to the original document, but when you look at the details, you will see a link to the facility which has the original document. The records here could be old city directories, town reports, marriages and more. I have not added an index to the school records I’ve been transcribing, but I hope to add it soon. It does not have sophisticated search capabilities and needs the complete spelling of the last name for records to be returned. I may when I have some time over the summer enhance the search feature along with adding records to the database.

The second search engine Newtown, Connecticut BMD was created and is maintained by Bob Pittman. He, along with a number of additional volunteers have indexed the vital records from Newtown, Connecticut. This search engine has a more sophisticated search capability which includes using a soundex option.

If you have Connecticut ancestors and Newtown Connecticut ancestors in particular, be sure to check these capabilities out. I would love to hear any feedback regarding these searches.