Almost Wordless Wednesday: Tin Type Photo – two young men, New Britain, Connecticut

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Can you help identify these two men? Do you have any comments about the photo?
Approximate Date of Picture: Unknown. Although this is a tin type photo, the suits and tie to me appear to be well after 1900, perhaps 1910-1916.

Description of Picture: Two young men sitting down. The water scene behind them is obviously a studio prop.

Size of Picture: 2.5” * 4”

Type of Picture: Tin Type

Possible Subject or Family Group: Sanders – Fryher

Studio: Unknown

Dates the Studio was in business: Unknown

Tin Type Photo - two young men, New Britain, Connecticut


Amanuensis Monday: Cedar Ridge School, Seymour, Connecticut 1891-92

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Cedar Ridge School Transcription from Seymour Connecticut for the academic school year 1891-92.

School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
Cedar Ridge Vinie H. Wheeler 1891 – 92


Name Age Last Bday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Walter Andrew M 13 3 June 6 Jessie Andrew
Clarence Barton M 7 3 May 17 John Barton
Morris Bennett M 8 10 Nov 17 Morris Bennett
Georgie Burroughs M 10 6 Mch 27 George Burroughs
Alfred Chatfield M 10 11 Sept 26 Joel Chatfield
Howard Chatfield M 7 11 Oct 7 Howard Chatfield
Freddie Early M 8 2 June 10 John Early
Theodore Early M 5 2 June 18 John Early
Vernon Houghton M 5 10 Oct 20 Dr. A S Houghton
Fred Hummel M 12 2 June 19 Fred Hummel
Willie Juckett M 6 7 Jan 16 Frank Juckett
Eddie Loughlin M 9 6 Mch 1 Martin Loughlin
Andrew Mulready M 7 3 June 21 Pat Mulready
Albert Nuchols M 6 11 Oct 14 Fred Nuchols
Willie Smyth M 7 7 Feb 7 Thomas Smyth
Gus Young M 14 7 Feb 12 Fred Young
Walter Stlinski M 4 6 Charles Stlinski
Oscar Foetsch M 9 7 Feb 12 Richard Foetsch
Arthur Foetsch M 11 7 Feb 2 Richard Foetsch
Freddie Cable M 14 5 Apr 3 Grover Cable
Carlie Crowther M 5 8 Aug 22 Theodore Crowther
Georgie Mannweiler M
Johnie Lurax M 5 1 Mch 16 Clarence Lurax
Robie Finkle M 6 8 Aug 31 Perry Finkle
Eldrige Finkle M 5 3 Jan 2 Perry Finkle
Jennie Andrews F 6 9 Dec 10 Jessie Andrews
Lillie Baldwin F 8 1 July 13 Charles Baldwin
ClaraBelle S Bassett F 8 11 Oct 19 Frank Bassett
Minnie Bennett F 5 8 Dec 10 Morris Bennett
Maggie Conroy F 5 8 Jan 9 Olin Conroy
Esther Crowther F 11 1 July 11 Theodore Crowther
Florence Haymand F 10 8 Dec 22 Samuel Haymand
Florence Hurd F 7 2 Jan 31 Frank Hurd
Emilia Houghton F 7 8 Dec 14 Dr. A S Houghton
Ella Hull F 11 2 June 22 Dwight Hull
Annie Loughlin F 7 8 Dec 30 Martin Loughlin
Eliza Moshier F 7 6 Mch 12 James Moshier
Rosie Tyler F 4 11 Sept 24 John Tyler
Louise Hurd F 6 1 Aug 6 Frank Hurd
Martha Young F 10 4 May 19 Fred Young
Katie Ryan F 10 6 Mch 11 William Ryan
Minnie Foetsch F 7 2 July 24 Richard Foetsch
Clara Foetsch F 5 4 May 20 Richard Foetsch
Kaite Sheefe F 6 6 Oct 6 Edward Sheefe
Maggie Sheefe F 8 4 Dec 19 Edward Sheefe
Minnie Smyth F 4 5 Nov 20 Thomas Smyth



Genealogy by the States – Week 18 – Louisiana

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This week’s blogging prompt is the State of Louisiana. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to Louisiana. If you don’t have any connections to Louisiana, find a Louisiana resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 5/5/2013 – 5/11/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.

I did not find a single mention in my genealogy database in reference to the state of Louisiana. This is one of those weeks where I’m just going to highlight a particular genealogy resource I’ve found for the state of Louisiana.

The Louisiana Digital Archives has a wide collection of digital collections. You can browse various collections by topic, time period, name and more.

Here are a few I found particularly interesting

  • Civil War Photograph Album:
  • This album contain a number of photographs of soldiers from the civil war. They are mostly officers and there are not a whole lot of them, but ig your ancestor was an officer from Louisiana, you might get lucky.

  • Louisiana Newspaper Access Program:
  • This collection contains various newspapers which have been digitized and are available for browsing. Some of the newspapers include the Baton-Rouge Gazette and Louisiana Planter. Perhaps you’ll find your ancestor’s name or some of their neighbors listed in the newspaper.

If you have Louisiana ancestors, be sure to check out this website.

A few Louisiana Genealogy Links

Louisiana Newspaper Archives at Genealogy Bank

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Young Woman from Brooklyn, New York

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Can you help identify this woman? When was the studio in business at this location?


Approximate Date of Picture: Unknown, perhaps around 1900?

Description of Picture: young woman

Size of Picture: 4.25″ * 6.5″

Type of Picture: Cabinet Card

Possible Subject or Family Group: Sanders – Fryher

Studio:v Reynolds, 507 Grand Street (Old No. 403) Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dates the Studio was in business: Unknown


Cabinet Card of a middle aged woman in Brooklyn, New York