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Custom Family Tree Poster 24 x 36

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Tired at looking for Family Tree Gifts Are you not looking right now for a genealogy gift, you can check out some of our prior blog posts.

Revolution War Pension Files

Draft Registration Cards

Newspaper Genealogy

Getting Family Tree Gift Ideas for the Genealogist in Your Life

You may be wondering what to get for the genealogist in your life. There are many fun and neat things you can get. Some of these can range from just a few dollars.

The links below offer many of these items as well as many more ideas.

Presented Below are Family Tree Gift Ideas
from our Affiliated Providers

The family tree gift ideas listed below will take you to one of our affiliated providers website. There are many neat ideas to get the family historian or genealogist in your life.

Family Tree Subscriptions

The following websites are subscription based websites which will help the genealogist in your life further their research. Some are more common than others. Each offers a unique set of benefits.

Search Military Records - Fold3

DNA Genealogy

The genealogist in your life may have been wanted to get his/her DNA tested to find out where they casme from. There are many studies out there and you may be able to find new cousins. Check out these DNA Genealogy Vendors.

Your DNA is a time machine. It could give you a glimpse of your future – Start your Journey here!

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Newspapers and Genealogy

Has the Genealogist in your life found his/her family in newspapers? You can find many hidden genealogy nuggets in these gems. Start searching today.

Find your ancestors at

Looking for a Living Relative?

You may have a long lost cousin or a half brother or sister. Search public US records to see what you can find.

Genealogy Software

How about some great genealogy software.

Make Your Old Home Movies Into DVD

What about all those VHS tapes or 8mm file that's lying around. Make sure you preserve those memories and get them into a digital format today before it's too late.

20% off Pre-Paid Kits at iMemories

Personalized Family History Book

Create a personalized family history book and attach photos of your ancestors. Use the family history book template. It's easier and less expensive than you might think.

Other Helpful Ides For the Genealogist

Make sure the Genealogist in your life doesn't lose all of his valuable research and scanned photos due to a hard drive crash.

Backup Up to 5 PC's for 25% off!

Haw about getting all those old photos scanned and digitzed for the genealogist?

Genealogy Books

Help the genealogist keep up to date with the latest research techniques. The books below offer techniques for researching.

None of these books are quite what you are looking for? Visit Barnes and Noble and you're sure to find a genealogy book you'll love. Logo - 468x60

Make a Gift Out of Your Ancestors Photos

You can take your ancestor's photos and make them into Christmas Gifts. How about ordering Christmas Ornaments with your best ancestor photos? What about a puzzle or a mug. These gifts can be done for a very small price. Photo Mugs - Photo Prints

Turn Your Ancestor Photos Into a Scrapbook, Calendar or Great Slide Show Production

Anybody can trun their family photos into a great slide show. How about including music and more. Check out Smilebox today.

Creative scrapbooking in minutes with Smilebox.

Create personalized calendars with Smilebox.

Vist the Store

The Ancestry Store at has a lot of items which would are very useful to the budding genealogist. Among the things in this store you will find software and books. You can also get him/her a gift subscription.

Genealogy at Walmart?

You might be surprised at some of the genealogy related items you might be able to find at Walmart. There are scrapbook items, family tree photo frames and more.


Unique Gifts

Here are a few unique gifts for the family.

Diamond and Birthstone Personalized Pendant Necklace: A Mother's Faith and Family Blessed Virgin Mary Heirloom Porcelain Figurine: Our Lady Of Lourdes Personalized Message Keepsake Box For Granddaughters: Heirloom Messages