Tuesday’s Tip: Hidden Genealogy Nuggets Records Search

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Did you know there are two different search engines on the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website outside of this blog.

The first search engine Free Ancestry Search at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets contains more than 15,000 records which are mostly from Connecticut. These are records which I have personally indexed and have put into a database. There isn’t an image to the original document, but when you look at the details, you will see a link to the facility which has the original document. The records here could be old city directories, town reports, marriages and more. I have not added an index to the school records I’ve been transcribing, but I hope to add it soon. It does not have sophisticated search capabilities and needs the complete spelling of the last name for records to be returned. I may when I have some time over the summer enhance the search feature along with adding records to the database.

The second search engine Newtown, Connecticut BMD was created and is maintained by Bob Pittman. He, along with a number of additional volunteers have indexed the vital records from Newtown, Connecticut. This search engine has a more sophisticated search capability which includes using a soundex option.

If you have Connecticut ancestors and Newtown Connecticut ancestors in particular, be sure to check these capabilities out. I would love to hear any feedback regarding these searches.

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