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This index is made possible through the efforts of Bob Pittman, Jeannine Wegmueller, Harlan Jessup, and the kind folks at the Genealogy Club of Newtown, Connecticut.

Welcome to the Newtown, CT Vital Records Index Search Website

This Newtown, CT vital record index website is deigned to assist people researching the early residents of Newtown. Searching the index will provides an easy way to find birth, death and marriage listings in the Newtown vital records.

Index to the Years 1852 to 1927

This website provides an index to the Newtown vital records for the years approximately 1852 to 1927. The index was transcribed from the microfilm index included on the microfilm for vital records:



The Newtown vital records are available on microfilm. The first reel contains records from 1754 to 1895


The second reel contains records from 1896 to 1927

Index to the Years 1630 to 1850

Please note that this website does not search The Barbour Collection, a transcribed collection of the Connecticut vital records (birth, marriage and death) covering the years from 1630 to 1850, arranged in alphabetical order. The Barbour Collection is available at the Connecticut State Library (CSL) and C. H. Booth Library in Newtown, CT.

Birth, Death and Marriage Records

The Newtown, CT Birth, Death and Marriage records are available on microfilm at the Connecticut State Library (CSL). They are also available at the Newtown, CT Town Clerk's Office. Contact the Town Clerk for an appointment.

Certified Copies of Birth, Death or Marriage Records

For certified copies of Newtown birth, death or marriage records, you can contact the Town of Newtown.

A Note on Genealogical Research

As with any genealogical record, it is important to verify the information provided with the primary record (the microfilm), other genealogical records, and with additional family history information.