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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Middle Aged Man, New Britain, Connecticut about 1900

Posted by on Wednesday, 24 April, 2013

Can you provide any clues as to the identity of this man?


Approximate Date of Picture: 1898 – 1905

Description of Picture: middle aged man

Size of Picture: 4.25″ * 6.5″

Type of Picture: Cabinet Card

Possible Subject or Family Group: Sanders – Fryher

Studio: Cottage Studio 170 Elm Street New Britain, Conn

Dates the Studio was in business: 1898 – 1905 at the location of 170 Elm Street

Cabinet Card of a middle aged man in New Britain, Connecticut


Tuesday’s Tip: Hidden Genealogy Nuggets Records Search

Posted by on Tuesday, 23 April, 2013

Did you know there are two different search engines on the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website outside of this blog.

The first search engine Free Ancestry Search at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets contains more than 15,000 records which are mostly from Connecticut. These are records which I have personally indexed and have put into a database. There isn’t an image to the original document, but when you look at the details, you will see a link to the facility which has the original document. The records here could be old city directories, town reports, marriages and more. I have not added an index to the school records I’ve been transcribing, but I hope to add it soon. It does not have sophisticated search capabilities and needs the complete spelling of the last name for records to be returned. I may when I have some time over the summer enhance the search feature along with adding records to the database.

The second search engine Newtown, Connecticut BMD was created and is maintained by Bob Pittman. He, along with a number of additional volunteers have indexed the vital records from Newtown, Connecticut. This search engine has a more sophisticated search capability which includes using a soundex option.

If you have Connecticut ancestors and Newtown Connecticut ancestors in particular, be sure to check these capabilities out. I would love to hear any feedback regarding these searches.

Amanuensis Monday: Seymour, CT High School 1891-92

Posted by on Monday, 22 April, 2013

The following is a transcription from Seymour High School records which are available at the Seymour Historical Society.

School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
Seymour High School Sarah E. Harrison 1891 – 92


Name Age Last Bday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Martin Casgrove M 11 2 July 10 John Casgrove
Ira Dick M 7 6 Feb 25 Charles Dick
John Deady M 6 5 Mar 21 James Deady
Willie Finkle M 11 5 Mar 27 Albert Finkle
Arthur Finkle M 7 11 May 15 Albert Finkle
Fred Foster M 9 5 Mar 18 Harry Foster
Norman French M 8 2 July 2 Edward French
George Garritt M 8 2 June 24 Louis E Garritt
George Griffeth M 6 10 Oct 6 John A Griffeth
Ralph Halloway M 8 Sept 5 John Halloway
Lewis Hull M 9 3 May 2 John B Hull
George Lyons M John Lyons
Willie Matthers M Charles Matthers
Harold Moore M 7 9 Nov 9 E H Moore
George Myers M 8 5 Mar 24 J A Myers
Denny McNerney M 7 10 Oct 6 Michael McNerney
Arthur Maybury M Maybury
Richard Owens M 8 2 July 11 David Owens
Willie ODonnell M 8 William ODonnell
Josie Schaeffer M 6 10 Oct 18 Wolfgang Schaeffer
Ray Sperry M 8 1 Aug 11 Frank Sperry
James Smith M 8 2 June 25 Edward H Smith
Robbie Tolles M 7 8 Jan 8 Edmond S Tolles
Howard Warner M 7 4 May 5 Wallace Warner
Charlie Wakely M 7 2 June 20 George Wakely
Herbert Warner M 10 2 June 17 George Warner
Kirman Wirth M 12 1 July 31 Carl Wirth
Fred Wirth M 10 2 July 1 Carl Wirth
Ned Jewett M 9 Sept 18 Charles Copeland
Willie Molans M
Albert Knapp M 10 Aug 11 Hiram Knapp
Maud Bradley F 8 Aug 19 John S Bradley
Alice Botsford F 8 9 Nov 18 Harvey B Botsford
Louisa Bowers F 12 7 Jan 20 Charles Bowers
Fannie Conine F 8 1 Aug 19 Henry S Conine
Ruth Holmes F 8 4 Apr 29 K W Holmes
Lizzie Johns F 8 William Johns
Tilda Kalb F 8 7 Jan 8 John Kalb
Daisy Lyons F 8 1 Aug 6 John Lyons
Maggie Molans F 7 8 Dec 29 Thomas Molans
Nina Mason F 8 1 Aug 1 Charles H Mason
Lillian Mason F 6 11 Sept 26 William Mason
Emma Manweiler F 8 6 Mar 14 Chas. Manweiler
Mary Rees F 8 8 Dec 25 William Rees
S Schmidhauser F 10 1 Aug 7 Henry Schmidhauser
Fannie Schneider F 7 8 Dec 10 Henry Schneider
Lena Simmons F 10 7 Jan 26 Edwin B Simmons
Bertha Simmons F 13 5 Mar 28 Edwin B Simmons
Gussie Scheffler F 8 11 Oct 16 Chas. S Scheffler
Ruth Schofield F 7 4 May 7 John S Schofield
Aggie Stewart F 7 4 Apr 10 Gabriel Stewart
Minnie Sininsky F 8 11 Oct 20 Charles Sininsky
Annie Tucker F 7 4 May 6 Charles Tucker
Helen Warner F 9 1 July 19 Wallace Warner
Nellie Fitzgerald F 8 Michael Fitzgerald
Maggie Molan F



NERGC 2013 – Day 3

Posted by on Sunday, 21 April, 2013

Yesterday was the last day for me at the New England Regional Genealogy Conference (NERGC) for 2013. Over the past three days I’ve attended met up with and spent some times with friends I haven’t seen in a while, attended a lot of lectures, met a lot of great people and a whole lot more. I’m already looking forward to NERGC 2015 which is being planned and will be held in Providence, Rhode Island.

The first lecture of the day I went to was by David Ouimette. I had heard one of his lectures already so I was very excited about hearing him talk again and I was not disappointed. His lecture was about “But She Died in Upstate New York in the 1850s: How can I Identify Her Parents?”. If you have any ancestors in upstate New York at that time, like myself, you know how difficult it can be. There are no vital records for the time period and other available records seem to be pretty scarce. Using indirect records from New York and some direct records of neighboring areas, including Vermont and Canada, he was able to determine who the parents were in this case study.

The second lecture of the day I went to was entitled “Bittner Bastards of Bavaria” and was given by F. Warren Bittner. It was supposed to have been a lecture on “Documents to Narrative: Writing to Engage your Reader. I was really looking forward to the lecture about writing, but the Power Point had gotten corrupted and Warren needed to make the change at the last minute. Even though I was a little disappointed about not getting to hear the lecture about writing, Warren is a very entertaining speaker and he mixed in some writing topics along the way of telling the case story about his ancestors in Bavaria.

The last lecture I attended for the day was “Demystifying Digitizing: Scanning and Photographing for Family History”. It was given by Kathy Bolduc Amoroso of the Main Historical Society. The Maine Memory Network is going through a series of scanning projects to digitize a lot of Maine’s historical documents. Instead of scanning a document at a particular DPI, they have scanned documents so that they can reproduce an image on 11″ by 14″. This seems to have come out to about 40mb per image when utilizing a tiff format. She recommends saving the original scan in a tiff format as well as the lessor quality jpeg format.

There were two more slots of lectures which were available, but I decided to get an early start on the 3.5 hour ride home. The ride home was uneventful and even though I had a lot of fun, I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing.