Wordless Wednesday = Sanders – Fryher Photo Album – Image 27

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This photo comes from a 19th century Sanders & Fryher Photo album. If you can identify the date, age of the individual or who the person is, please post a remark about it.

Sanders - Fryher Photo Genealogy - New Britain, Connecticut - image 27

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  1. What a beautiful picture. Is it a tin type? I have so many unidentified pictures like this and as I look into their faces, it just pains me to not know who they are. I hope you find out who she is someday.

  2. Jim Sanders

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Yes, it is a tin type photo. It comes from a 19the century photo album I acquired from a person loking to give the photo album to a direct descendent. I turned out to be the lucky one.

    I published a series of blog posts earlier this year focused on being able to identify your photos. It shows how I was able to identify some of the photos I do have,

    If you missed that series of blog posts, here is a link to it.

    Old Photo Identification

    The link is to the last of the posts, but it has links to all the earlier posts in the series.

    Regards, Jim

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