Genealogy by the States – Week 23 – Maine

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This week’s blogging prompt is the State of Maine. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to Maine. If you don’t have any connections to Maine, find a Maine resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 6/9/2013 – 6/15/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.


Given my early colonial New England roots, I was surprised to find out that I did not have a lot of connections to the state of Maine. My closest connection is a first cousin, twice removed. As it appears to be a common theme lately, he is also a descendant of John Charles Sanders and Mary Clark Tripp.

George Joseph Sanders was born on 03-Nov-1906 in New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut. He married Ethel H. Pichard on 22-May-1943 in Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut. He died in February 1985. His last known address was in Waldoboro, Lincoln County, Maine

A have a few notes my father had recorded about him including;

  • He was a retired toolmaker at Lewis Engineering Co. in Naugatuck, CT
  • He was also a licensed amateur radio operator since 1923. His call sign K1GZI
  • According to his mothers obituary, George lived in Cheshire, Ct in 1956

A few Maine Genealogy Links

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