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Follow Friday: Educators Blog at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Posted by on Friday, 18 January, 2013

At the Historical Society of Pennsylvania there is an Educators Blog. The blog posts are geared towards highlighting the society’s collections. They provide glimpses of life from the earliest of settlements in Pennsylvania to the 20th century. They also provide previews of upcoming events.

Below are a few recent posts

If you have Pennsylvania ancestors, be sure to check out this blog.


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Wordless Wednesday: carte-de-visite of Minnie Bell Banks about 1873

Posted by on Wednesday, 16 January, 2013

carte-de-visite of Minnie Bell Banks about 1873, New Britain, Connecticut


Amanuensis Monday: High School Seymour, CT 1892-93

Posted by on Monday, 14 January, 2013

Have you ever utilized school registers in your genealogy?  Looking for children during the time of the missing 1890 United States Census?  If so, then school registers might be just your ticket.  Just what hidden genealogy nuggets can you find in school registers? Take a look at the following school register.  It is for Edgar G Stiles and Nettie J Hale’s class from 1892-1893 in Seymour, Connecticut.  You may find these at your local historical society, local library, town clerks office or local school department.  Many of these have survived and are available today.

School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
High School Edgar G Stiles Nettie J Hale 1892 – 93
Name Age Last birthday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Luella E Adams F 15 7 Feb 6 Emery E Adams
Annie Barr F 14 5 Mar 11 Andrew Barr
Mabel J Beach F 15 3 June 28 S D Beach
Emma E Butler F 15 3 May 23 S R Butler
Grace Butler F 12 8 Dec 16 S R Butler
Edith Baldwin F 16 4 April 15 Wilford A Baldwin
Maude Botsford F 14 2 June 22 Edward Botsford
Bessie Botsford F 16 10 Oct 12 Edward Botsford
Susie G Burroughs F 17 6 Feb 8 Geo W Burroughs
Hattie Baldwin F 18 4 May 2 Herbert C Baldwin
Bessie M Cable F 17 1 July 15 Glover Cable
Jessie Corrignton F 15 0 Spet 8 A D Harrington
Eliza N Chatfield F 14 9 Nov 13 Clark Chatfield
Jessie J Culver F 14 2 June 13 Andrew Culver
Minnie P Cutter F 14 5 April 6 Mrs. Nat. Cutter
Mattie L Carrington F 13 10 Sept 8 Mr. Daniel Carrington
Mimerva J Camp F 13 10 Oct 17 Lewis H Camp
Annie S Deady F 16 11 Oct 6 James Deady
Anna Dunham F 16 3 May 30 A B Dunham
Minnie R Dickel F 15 7 June 14 Henry T Hart
Annie Evans F 15 11 Jan 10 Richard Evans
Mamie Evans F 13 7 Sept 8 Richard Evans
Clara Hunniston F 16 8 Dec 9 Mrs. Anna Hunniston
Grace O Harris F 15 0 Sept 18 Mrs. M J Harris
Florence E Hillenback F 14 2 June 20 J G Hillenback
Sadie M Hart F 15 0 Aug 12 Julias A Hart
Emma Jones F 16 4 April 17 William Jones
Florence F Moody F 15 10 Oct 8 G A Jones
Sadue B Pickett F 14 5 Apr 4 J W Moody
Elsie E Peel F 16 0 Sept 3 C Pickett
Josphine F Moody F 15 5 Apr 5 Botsford H Peel
Nellie E Peck F 15 9 Nov 23 William J Peck
Edith A Reynlods F 16 1 July 24 Chas H Reynolds
Lillian M Rugg F 14 3 May 24 F H Rugg
Lillie G Robertson F 16 2 June 28 C H Robertson
Maude L Smith F 16 6 Feb 13 Mathew Smith
Lillian M Short F 16 1 July 31 Mrs. E H Short
Asa H Strash F 17 1 Aug 15 John J Short
Minnie Sullivan F 15 5 Mar 17 Nellie Sullivan
Minnie Trumpbout F 15 8 Dec 23 Mrs. J N Morris
Nettie Williams F 15 6 Feb 17 John J Williams
Alice Ward F 14 1 July 23 Peter Ward
Lizzie Weaver F 14 9 Nov 30 Lloyd Weaver
Herbert C Baldwin Jr. M 16 1 Aug 8 Herbert C Baldwin
Harry E Chamberlin M 17 7 Jan 25 Mrs. Evalina Chamberlin
Otto W Davis M 16 8 Dec 23 Zerch B Davis
Charles Fenton M 16 5 Mar 7 M W D Fenton
George Healey M 14 8 Dec 7 Robert Healey
Chas. E Houghtaling M 17 3 May 7 Chas D Houghtaling
Chas. Jones M 14 0 Aug 15 Harry Jones
Thomas J Kelleher M 16 5 Mar 26 John Kelleher
James Kelleher M 14 1 July 17 John Kelleher
Ernest Malsbury M 14 0 Sept 6 Mrs. J Derby
Joseph OBrien M 17 3 May 18 Timothy OBrien
William R Pearson M 15 10 Oct 15 Richard Pearson
Edward F Sanford M 16 0 Aug 23 S P Sanford
Lindsey Sanford M 16 5 Mar 13 George Sanford
Carlton Sanford M 14 4 April 14 Daniel T Sanford
Albert Swan M 18 1 Aug 1 James Swan
Bertie J Tocher M 16 9 Nov 29 Dr. Pulford
Charles Wyant M 13 9 Nov 9 Eugene A Wyant
Elmer Wedge M 15 Sept 4



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Genealogy by the States – Week 2 – Pennsylvania

Posted by on Sunday, 13 January, 2013

This week’s blogging prompt is the State of Pennsylvania. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to Pennsylvania. If you don’t have any connections to Pennsylvania, find a Pennsylvania resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 1/13/2013 – 1/19/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.


I have a few connections to Pennsylvania. One of the closest links is through my great aunt Ella Josephine Doyle.

Ella Doyle was the seventh of twelve children of John and Esther Doyle. She was born on 6-Nov-1885 and was baptized in the Roman Catholic parish of Kiltoghert in Leitrim County Ireland. Esther’s father died when she was just about 12 years old. She set sail on the Majestic and arrived on Ellis Island on May 29, 1902 and moved to Bristol, Connecticut.

She married Daniel Edmond Salmon on 23-Feb-1909 in Bristol, Connecticut. Below is a copy of the wedding announcement.
Daniel Salmon & Ella Doyle Wedding announcement

By the 1910 United States Census Daniel and Ella moved to Waterbury, Connecticut. By 1920, the couple moved to the Bronx, New York where they were enumerated in the 1920 census along with two of their children, Leona and Daniel. They were living at 5 Whitlock Avenue. By 1930, the family moved to Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA where they were enumerated in the 1930 United States Census. At that time, they were living at 462 North Sixty Fourth Street, which they owned and was valued at $8,000. At the time of the 1940 United States Census, they are still living at the same address in Philadelphia. By that time, their daughter Leona had married Thomas Bergin. Thomas and Leona Bergin were living with Danial and Ella. There are two different Ella Salmon’s in Philadelphia in the 1940 census, so it was important to look at both to make sure it was the right Ella.

Daniel and Ella celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary on February 23, 1959 at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She died on 24-Jul-1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Here’s a photo of Ella (Doyle) Salmon
Ella Doyle from Bristol, Connecticut

Here’s a photo of Daniel and Ella’s Children
Daniel Salmon & Ella Doyle Children from Bristol, Connecticut

Children of Ella Doyle:
1. Leona Mary Salmon

2. Donald Edmond Salmon

3. Margaret Mary Salmon

1. 1901 Ireland Census: Carrickslavan, Gowel, Leitrim, household of Ester Doyle
2. 1910 United States Census: Waterbury Ward 1, New Haven, Connecticut; Roll: T624_140; Page: 13B; Enumeration District: 464
3. 1920 United States Census: Bronx Assembly District 3, Bronx, New York; Roll: T625_1133; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 175
4. 1930 United States Census: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Roll: 2120; Page: 24A; Enumeration District: 451
5. 1940 United States Census: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Roll: T627_3723; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 51-1114
7. Information recorded by my father William Alfred Sanders about Daniel and Ella Salmon.
8. Photos in possession of the author’s family, Jim Sanders, Oxford, CT
9. Various newspaper clippings
A few Pennsylvania Genealogy Links