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Follow Friday: Stockton School

Posted by on Friday, 25 January, 2013

The Stockton School was located in East Orange, New Jersey. This blog is dedicated to preserving it’s history. The blog has regular posts which are well written with a lot of photos and other images. Here are several of the more recent posts.

There are also a few very useful links for the area in the right hand column of the blog. If you have ancestors who lived in East Orange, New Jersey be sure to check out this blog.


Wordless Wednesday: Unknown Couple likely from Connecticut

Posted by on Wednesday, 23 January, 2013

The photo indicates the couple may be Edwin Banks and Mary Ann McKeown, but I’m not so sure.

Unknown Couple likely from Connecticut


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Amanuensis Monday: First Primary School Records, Seymour Connecticut, 1892-93

Posted by on Monday, 21 January, 2013

Can you imagine one teacher with a classroom of up to 55 students ranging in age from 5 to 12? The following are school records very useful for genealogy from 1892-93.

School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
First Primary Mary A Moose 1892 – 93


Age Last birthday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Anne Thorp F 7 11 Oct 4 Edward Thorp
Amy Patzer F 7 4 May 3 William Patzer
Daisy Knapp F 8 4 Apr Hiram Knapp
Anna Mason F 5 8 Dec 25 Chas. Mason
Edith Maynard F 7 4 May Mr. J B Maynard
Eliza Moshier F 9 8 Dec 12 James Moshier
Hattie Smith F 7 4 Apr Edward Smith
Jessie Jones F 7 5 Apr Harry Jones
Josie Brandow F 6 7 Jan 2 Geo. Brandow
Katie Keefe F 7 11 Oct 8 Edward Keefe
Katie Burshell F 7 0 Aug 9 Nathan Burshell
Lillie Geary F 6 1 July 17 William Geary
Lizzie Teutonback F 9 “moved”
Lottie Bishop F 5 2 June 6 Henry Bishop
Lillian Warner F 5 2 June Wallace Warner
Laura Bauer F 7 9 Nov Charles Bauer
Mary Clark F 7 9 Dec John Clark
Malbina? Miller F 10 5 Mar 14 August Miller
May Gilbert F 7 3 May 7 Mr. Fred Gilbert
Mamie Reardon F 8 0 Sept 29 John Reardon
Nellie OConnell F 10 8 Dec 25 Mrs. Kate OConnell
Minnie Ryan F 5 9 Dec 5 Thomas Ryan
Gertie Kottsman F 6 11 Jan
Flossie Evans F 4 Geo. Evans
Emma Buckossky F 8 9 Mar Charles Buckossky
Martha Buckossky F 7 8 Feb Charles Buckossky
Alfred Rumetch M 6 6 Feb 21 Stenpy? Rumetch
Charlie Lumb M 6 8 Dec John Lumb
Charlie Evans M 7 8 Dec 29 Geo. Evans
David Owens M 6 6 Feb 18 David Owens
Earl Sperry M 5 8 Dec Frank Sperry
Earnest Manweiler M 7 11 Nov Jacob Manweiler
Frank Regan M 6 7 Jan 8 James Regan
Fielding Sheland M 6 “moved”
Freddia Weislogel M 6 8 Dec Fred Weislogel
Freddia Stephanofsky M 7 0 Sept 3 John Stephanofsky
Hugo Schaffer M 5 1 Jan William Schaffer
Henry Baldwin M 6 1 July Noble Baldwin
John Molans M 5 2 June 28 Tom Molans
John McNerney M 6 9 Nov Mike McNerney
Joe Farland M 5 11 Nov 16 Peter Farland
James R Wilson M 6 Tom Wilson
Lewie Peturgh? M 12 Aug 16 Mrs. Lewie Peturgh?
Nelson Happy M 7 3 July 2 Nelson Happy
Hin? Simmons M 9 2 July 2 Simmons
Robbie Foster M 6 Sperry Foster
Robbie Stewart M 6 7 Jan 18 Gabriel Stewart
Raymand Healy M 7 5 Mar Robert Healy
Walter Lyons M
Willie Mahoney M 8 1 Aug 2 William Mahoney
Clinton Bluthoe? M 9 Clinton Bluthoe?
William J Riddler M 7 5 Mar James Riddler
Henry Kottman M 6 10 Feb 13 John Kottman
Leon Maynard M 5 9 Mar 1 Jessie Maynard
Archie McKee M 8 1 Apr Robert McKee
Harry Bartell M 7 9 July 31

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Genealogy by the States – Week 3 – New Jersey

Posted by on Sunday, 20 January, 2013

This week’s blogging prompt is the State of New Jersey. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to New Jersey. If you don’t have any connections to New Jersey, find a New Jersey resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 1/20/2013 – 1/26/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.


Henry Lewer Sanders 3rd great grandfather, He is the first Sanders of my line in the United States of America. He died in Jersey City, New Jersey. 9-Mar-1864

Henry Lewer Sanders was born in about 1799.  He was most likely the son of Bartholomew Sanders and Charlotte Lewer.  There is a baptismal record of a Henry Sanders or Sauders or Lewer, born in 1799 to a Bartholomew Sanders and Charlotte Lewer at Holborn of the London Metro area.

Barbara Anne Warwick was born in about 1799.  Nothing is really known about Barbara Anne Warwick’s parents or siblings.  Henry and Barbara were married at St. George, Hanover Square on 17-Jun-1824 in the city of London, England.  Henry and his family came to U.S.A. on the Bark “Hymen”in 1838 after sailing 66 days. His wife Barbara and four children came with him.  ( Henry, Frances, John and William).  A fifth child, Margaret Mary Sanders is presumed to have died in England.

Ship’s Manifest (1)
Henry Sanders ships manifest

Henry  practiced as a physician in the lower New York City area. In 1840 the family was out in the country, Ward 12, New York, NY.    The census page shows the occupation of 57 persons and 34 of those were in agriculture.  He was listed as a Physician in the New York City directory of 1844 address and was at 32 Walker Stand.  He belonged to the Anglican Church. In 1845 his address was 143 Leonard St.  Following the death of his first wife Barbara in 1844, he married Mary Fall at the Trinity Church in New York City.  She was twenty years younger than he.

1845 NYC Directory (5)
1845 Doggett NYC Directory

1848 NYC Directory (5)
1848 Doggett NYC Directory

In 1853 they moved uptown to Washington Heights (Amsterdam Ave. & 151-152 Street) A newspaper ad noting his services as a physician appeared in the New York Herald dated May 4, 1854. He practiced medicine there until his death in 1864. He was buried in the parish ground of the Trinity Church cemetary at 153rd St. & Amsterdam Ave.At the timeof death he lived in Jersey City, 211 S. 7th St. Sometime after 1864 the street numbering system was changed in Jersey City.  S. 7th St. became 2nd Street and there was no longer a designation of N. or  S..  In a letter of May 19, 1975, May Sanders Boyd said her fathers middle name was Lua (grandson of this Henry L. Sanders) , and that it may be that the same middle name was perhaps the name of this Henry L. Sanders.

Children of Henry Lewer Sanders & Barbara Anne Warwick

1. Henry Sanders, b. 1824 in England, d. 31-Mar-1889 in New York, NY, m. Frances Clara Smith in 1859, b. 14-Oct-1834 in New Brunswick, Canada, d. 21-Feb-1882 in New York, NY, both are buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery,  E. Elmhyrst, Long Island,   New York

2. Frances Augusta Sanders, b. 1826 in England, d. 27-Feb-1896 in Brooklyn, NY, m. Rafael Joseph Valdivia on 14-Feb-1844 at Trinity Church in New York, NY, b. 1810 in Havana, Cuba, d. 13-Jul-1869 in Brooklyn, NY. Rafael is buried in Suffield, CT.  Frances is buried in Brooklyn (Lutheran Cem.) Middle V

3. John Charles Sanders, b. 23-Mar-1834 in England, d. 7-Jan-1901 in New Britain, Connecticut. m. Mary Clark Tripp on 8-Sep-1861 in New Bedford, MA, b. 21-Aug-1842 in Fairhaven, MA, d.11-Apr-1907in New Britain, CT.  both are buried in Fairview Cemetery in New Britain, CT.

4. William Sanders, b. 1835 in England.  d. Unknown

5. Margaret Mary Sanders, b. 23-Apr-1835 in England, d. presumably in England prior to 1838

Children of Henry Lewer Sanders & Mary Fall

1. Edward Sanders, b. May-1849 in New York, NY, d. 3-Jun-1919 in New York, NY, m. Anna E. Warren in 1871 in New Jersey, b. Jan-1855 in Jersey City, NJ, d. 6-Dec-1910 in New York, NY, Edward is buried in Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, NY

2. Alice Sanders, b. Apr-1854 in New York, NY, d. 1-Nov-1922 in Englewood, NJ, m. Richard S. Holdenby in 1870, b. 29-Jun-1845 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, d. 5-Aug-1919 in Englewood, NJ, Alice is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

3. Jessie Adams Sanders, b. 23-Dec-1856 in New York, NY, d. 30-Oct-1933 in Brooklyn, NY, m. William C. Moore on 23-Jun-1885 in Jersey City, NJ, b. 25-Jul-1855 in Jersey City, NJ, d. 19-Feb-1923 in Brooklyn, NY, Jessie is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY


1. Ships Manifest Record : 1838, British Barque Hymen
2. Book: The Register Book of Marriages belonging to the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, (Pub. 1897), Pg. 11, 17-Jun-1824 marriage between Henry Lewer Sanders and Ann Barbara Warwick.
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8. Information recorded by my father William Alfred Sanders.
9. History of the Sanders Family by Edward Sanders of Geneva, New York

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