Funeral Card Friday: Ruth (Laurie) Smith

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My great aunt Ruth (Laurie) (Stedman) Smith lived to be 99 years old. Funeral cards can be a great resource. I’ve even seen photos on some funeral cards as early as 1923.

Funeral Card: Ruth Laurie Smith, New Britain, Connecticut: back

Funeral Card: Ruth Laurie Smith, New Britain, Connecticut:front


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2 Responses to “Funeral Card Friday: Ruth (Laurie) Smith”

  1. Wow! She lived a long life. She must have had a ton of interesting tales to tell.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Jim Sanders

      Me and my family spent probably the most time with her before she finally passed away. She was very feisty and full of a lot of information and stories. I only wish I was more into genealogy before she passed away and asked her more.

      Regards, Jim

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