Wordless Wednesday – Mary McGovern – County Leitrim, Ireland

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This is the only known photo of my ancestor Mary McGovern from County Leitrim, Ireland. Mary was married to Pat Fox.

Mary McGovern Fox - County Leitrim, Ireland

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  1. I love this photo of Mary and the one of her husband! I’m a bit jealous that you have photos this old. My Irish relatives are still a complete mystery to me and even within the family members with many photos, we don’t have anything from before my great grandparents. Lucky!

    • Jim Sanders

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love these old photos. The one of Mary and the one of her husband Pat are the only ones I know for sure are of either person.

      I didn’t know these photos existsed until after I started looking into the family tree. Cousins I’ve found over time have sent me digital copies of photo’s they acquired. I have a number of unidentified photos from Ireland as well as some from my dad’s side. I even have a digitial copy of a painting from about 1850 of one of my ancestors with his twin sons who were born in 1846. I’ll have to find that one of these days and put that image on-line.

      Regards, Jim

      • That is so cool, Jim! You should definitely put the painting up. I just started researching my family within the last six months, so still making those connections with cousins. I hope I stumble across photos–but geez I will be satisfied with accurate dates and the names of all the family members at this point, haha. :) Thank you for sharing these!

  2. Gayle Hogan

    Is this the same “Mary McGovern” whose parents were Hugh McGovern, Sr. and Bridget Meehan from Derrada, County Leitrim? Two brothers to this “Mary McGovern” were named Thomas and Patrick. Thomas and Patrick immigrated to America in 1863. Mary immigrated sometime later.

    • Jim Sanders

      It must not be the same Mary McGovern. My Mary never immigrated…

      Regards, Jim

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