Society Saturday – Seymour (Connecticut) Historical Society

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The Seymour Historical Society is a truly great small town historical society. They have a large research library all about the town of Seymour and the people who lived there.

One of the true gems of their collection is the School Registers which date from 1891 and runs through 1959. The school register lists all the students who attended school. The register collects the following data points (Name of girl or boy, age in years and months, date of last birthday and the name of the parent or guardian. The image below is a small snapshot of what you will find in this fabulous resource. These records have not been indexed and you will not find this record anywhere else.

1891 School Register Seymour Connecticut

Other resources available at the Seymour Historical Society include;

  • Old Deeds from Seynmour, vol 1, 4, 16 – 22
  • DAR Lineage Books
  • School Yearbooks from 1941
  • Early City Directories
  • Early Town Reports
  • The Seymour Record [newspaper] original copies from the late 1800s
  • Books of Seymour Vital Records
  • Books written by local authors

If you have any ancestors who have any connection to Seymour, Connecticut you will want to make sure you check out this historical society.



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