Military Monday – Connecticut Military Census of 1917

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I recently stumbled across a new database which was put on line by This database is entitled Connecticut Military Census of 1917. This census asked some unique questions which provide insight into your ancestors.

Below are digital copies of both of my grandfather’s records.

James Fox Connecticut Military Census of 1917

William Sanders Connecticut Military Census 0f 1917

I learned some interesting things about them.

My Grandpa Fox knew how to ride a horse, handle a team, had experience with a steam engine and was a good swimmer. He had also filed first papers for citizenship.

My Grandpa Sanders knew how to handle a team and was a good swimmer.

If you have Connecticut ancestors old enough to fight in WWI, then be sure to check out this new database on


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  1. Thanks for pointing out this data base. I have four great-uncles who registered for the draft in Connecticut, I will certainly check it out. I love the fact that new databases are being uploaded onto ancestry, but sometimes we do need to be pointed in their direction or we may overlook them for a long time!

    • Jim Sanders

      I love the questions which were asked on this military census. I did not know that my grandfather knew how to ride a horse.

      Regards, Jim

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