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Talented Tuesday – Musicians and Performers

Posted by on Tuesday, 13 November, 2012

Some of my relatives, great aunts and uncles were reported to being musicians and performers. in the late 1800s and early 1900s. There is some evidence to suggest this is the case

The photo below was one of many within a 19th century family photo album. The scene seems to suggest some type of performance.
Sanders-Fryher - Performers

Here a number of my great uncles pose with their instruments in hand.
Sanders-Fryher - Musicians


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Military Monday – Veterans Day Tribute

Posted by on Monday, 12 November, 2012

I know Veterans Day was technically yesterday and today is the federal holiday since Veterans Day fell on a Sunday. In honor of Veterans Day, I thought I’d mention a number of my ancestors who have served in the military. I have ancestors who have known to have fought in the Korean War, World War II, World War I, The Civil War and the Revolutionary War.

Korean War and World War II Veterans

  • My father, William Alfred Sanders served in World War II as part of the occupational forces in Korea. He was later recalled to serve in the Korean War.

World War I Veterans

  • My maternal grandfather, James Francis Fox served during World War I. He was training in the states when the war ended.
  • My paternal grandfather, William Herbert Sanders also served during World War I. He was also training in the states when the war ended.

Civil War Veterans

  • My ancestor John Douglas Laurie served in the 10th Connecticut Infantry. Unfortunately on October 13, 1864, he was wounded and left on the battlefield as the 10th was forced to retreat. He was captured and became a prisoner of war. He was paroled a few days later and died less than a month after the battle.
  • My ancestor Edwin A. Banks served in the 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery. He enlisted at the age of 17 and was in a number of battles with his twin brother Edward.
  • My ancestor Patrick Fraher served in the 12th US Regular Army. He was injured during training and was discharged due to a disability. He never saw any action.

Revolutionary War Veterans

  • My ancestor Abel Ford served in the Revolutionary War. He served during the battle when General Burgoyne surrended in upstate New York.
  • My ancestor Moses Oysterbanks served in the Revolutionary War
  • My ancestor James Shepard served in the Revolutionary War
  • My ancestor Seth Gray served in the Revolutionary War


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Follow Friday – Smoky Mountain Family Historian

Posted by on Friday, 9 November, 2012

The Smoky Mountain Family Historian blog has been around since 2004 and there are quite a number of really good posts written. There are posts nearly every day about a variety of subjects. However, it is a little difficult to find blog posts about a particular subject. I’ve just browsed through their archives looking for posts of interest to me.

Here are a couple of posts I found to be an interesting read;

A curious Funeral Custom
Tips for Catalogging Your Books

A lot of the posts are about reviewing genealogy or history related books that are out on the market place today. Other’s have to do with the writer’s personal research.

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Wordless Wednesday = Sanders – Fryher Photo Album – 44

Posted by on Wednesday, 7 November, 2012

This photo comes from a 19th century Sanders & Fryher Photo album. If you can identify the date, age of the individual or who the person is, please post a remark about it.

This is a tin type photo.
Sanders - Fryher Photo Genealogy - New Britain, Connecticut - image 44

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