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The Genealogue is a genealogy blog I stumbled upon quite some time ago. The first blog post is way back in May of 2005. There were regular blog posts right up until April 2010. Since then though there has only been one blog post and that was is June 2012.

Even though there are no regular blog posts any more, the archived blog posts are good. The most recent post was entitled Ancestry DNA and a Possible Faux-Pa. Since I really don’t know a lot about using DNA for ancestry, I found that blog post to be a very interesting read. Perhaps there are some surprises when you use DNA or perhaps DNA tests need to be refined a bit to be really useful.

There are more than one thousand archived blog posts. However there are no categories or tags shown. If you’re looking for information about a particular subject, you’ll need to use the blog search. Doing a blog search for “census” turned up quite a number of posts, some of which I found very interesting. Having categories or tags would be a bit more useful, but finding relevant and interesting posts with the search feature is pretty easy.


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