Thrifty Thursday – Free Lookup – One Dorman Family of Connecticut

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For those of you who may have Dorman, Bertrand, Laurie and/or Banks ancestors from Connecticut, there is a little known published book which might be helpful in your research. The book is called “One Dorman family of Connecticut” and was written and published by Lillian R. Malone & Dorothy M. Stroble in 1991. The book contains the ancestry of the authors. Major lines of the authors include Bertrand, Laurie and Banks.

A copy of this book was donated to the Connecticut State Library and is available in the Genealogy Room there. I also have a copy of the book and am willing to do a lookup for my readers. If you are interested in having me lookup an ancestor in the book, please leave a reply to this blog post with names, dates and any other information which you think would be helpful in identifying the individual you’re looking for.

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  1. Ellen Kramer

    Jim, do you have anyone in that book who was from Pennsylvania? I’m presuming that originally they came from Pennsylvania and then relocated to Connecticut or am I wrong?

    God bless,
    Ellen Kramer
    whose mother was a Dorman

    • Jim Sanders

      The Dormans in the book came from New Haven, CT. Edmund Dorman was born in about 1636 and died on 1-May-1711 in New Haven. He married Hannah Hull. They had 7 children (Samuel, John, Joseph, Samuel, Benjamin. Hannah and Mary). Skimming through the Dormans, I don’t see any from Pennsylvania.

      Regards, Jim

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