Sunday Morning Book Review – The Journey Takers by Leslie Albrecht Huber

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Immigration was a life altering and often dangerous experience for our ancestors. There were numerous shipwrecks and miserable traveling conditions during the middle of the 19th century. Leslie Albrecht Huber does a fantastic job bringing her ancestors to life in “The Journey Takers”. The Journey Takers describe the lives of four immigrant ancestors of the author two from Germany, one from Sweden and one from England. Through Leslie’s words, you’ll relive the immigrant experience.

The stories start out in the old countries of Germany, Sweden and England. What brought them to make the decision to seek a new life in a new country? The book describes the lives of the journey takers (and some of their ancestors) in their homeland. You’ll experience what it was like to be a peasant at the time. There are many heartaches and joyous times. More than once, I had watery eyes.

The story is also intertwined with Leslie’s own life story as she tries to learn about her ancestors. You’ll relive her experience as she relates her own experiences to what the journey takers may have been experiencing in their lives. The way she relates her life experiences with those of her ancestors kept me wanting to keep read more.

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