Mystery Monday – John Doyle – Carrickslavin – County Leitrim Ireland

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On this Mystery Monday, I’ve been trying to find out when John Doyle my great grandfather was born and died. Below is a summary of information I know about John Doyle and his wife.

John Doyle was married to Esther O’Rourke probably between 1869 and 1872. This is based upon the birth date of their oldest child. They lived in the townland of Carrickslavin, County Leitrim. He died sometime between 1873 and 1901, presumably while still living in the townland of Carrickslavin, County Leitrim.

  • Mary Ann Doyle was born 1-May-1872. She was married to Patrick Logan.
  • Michael Doyle was born 10-Oct-1873. He was married to Bridget. He died on 23-Jun-1949 in Killarkin, County Leitrim.
  • Bridget Doyle was born 1-Sep-1875. She was married to Edward Francis McHugh. She died on 16-Mar-1936 in Bristol, Connecticut, USA.
  • Patrick Doyle was born 8-Mar-1877. Little else is known about Patrick.
  • James Doyle was born 1-Apr-1879. He married Mary.
  • Bernard Doyle was born in 1882. He married Mary Ann Mellon. He died on 5-Sep-1915 in Bristol, Connecticut, USA.
  • Ella Josphine Doyle was born 6-Nov-1885. She married Daniel Edmuind Salmon. She died on 24-Jul-1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Catherine Agnes Doyyle was born on 10-May-1886. She married Thomas Anthony Kennedy. She died on 29-Jan-1944 in Bristol, Connecticut, USA.
  • Elizabeth Veronica Doyle was born on 13-Dec-1887. She married John Joseph Nolan. She died on 26-Oct-1964.
  • Margaret Nora Doyle was born on 20-May-1893. She was married to James Francis Fox. She died on 20-Jan-1975.
  • Sarah Doyle was born in 1894. She was married to Francis O’Brien.
  • John J. Doyle was born 9-May-1894. He died 14-Jul-1932.


I have no primary sources of information in which John Doyle (the one married to Esther O’Rrouke) is the main person in the document. I’ve found birth certificates, death certificates and more where he is listed as the father. I would love to hear from others about suggestions on how to narrow down the date he was born or when he died.

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  1. Kevin Doyle

    Hello Jim,
    I may have already made contact with you some time ago – but here goes:
    you have probably come across my posts looking for Michael Doyle – out of County Leitrim – who said he was the son of a John Doyle. My dad is the Michael in this case. I’m always interested in Leitrim Doyle’s where this combination of father/son names occur. Do you know the history of your John, born 1894, and the names of his children? It is just an outside possibility that there may be a connection.
    My dad claimed his birth to have been 1908, but I’m not at all sure since he had no birth cert. or baptismal evidence – he could have been a ‘Black Sheep’ so to speak. Please let me know what you think.
    Many thanks,

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