Thrifty Thursday – Alabama Digital Archives

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The state of Alabama has a great free resource which everyone can use on-line. It is the Alabama Digital Archives . The archives are organized in eleven different collections.

The collections which appear to be most relevent for genealogical studies are the Textual Materials Collection and the Photographs and Pictures collection.

In the Textual Materials Collection you can find many letters written during the time of the civil war, letters pertaining to the Creek War (1813 – 1814), some poll tax and voter registration information and much much more.

In the Photo and Pictures Collection you can browse by subjects including Civil War, World War I & II, Education, Religion and a whole lot more. You can also browse by time periods 1800 – 1809, 1810 – 1819 … 1990 – 1999. Obviously, the eras which pre-date the advance of the photograph are taken from pictures.

If you have relatives in Alabama, check out the Alabama Digital Archives.

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  1. Oh my! Thank you for this incredible resource. Working on Alabama family history for someone quite dear to me.

    This is fantastic…

    – Cate.

    • Jim Sanders

      I love it when I find gems like this website. Most states have at least one little known website which has digital records available on-line for free.

      Regards, Jim

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