Wordless Wednesday – Sanders Photo Book – Image 17

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Photo from New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut. From an album with an inscription including Sanders-Fryher – New Britain, Conn.

Sanders-Fryher Photo Book - Image 17 front - unknown subjects

Sanders-Fryher Photo Book - Image 17 back

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  1. Jim, thanks for stopping by my place the other day. Sorry that it took me so long to follow your link back here and say hello.

    I love old photos like this, and deciphering clues. The large cross she’s wearing seems pretty unusual.

    • Jim Sanders

      Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by. I just love these old photos as well. This is one from a photo album which was rescued by a lady working at a museum in Philadelphia. She was trying to find a direct descendant of the album. I turned out to be the lucky descendant. My blog posts on Photo Genealogy (part 2 – this coming Sunday 2/26) goes through some steps I took to identify some of the people in the photos. I’m also posting on Wordless Wednesday’s a photo each week which is yet to be identified from the album.

      Kind Regards, Jim

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