Funeral Card Friday – Esther O’Rourke Doyle

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Esther (O’Rourke) Doyle – ~1850 – 1923

Esther O’Rourke was born in about 1850. She was married to John Doyle in Ireland in about 1870 – 1871. They eventually went on to have at least twelve children. Most of these children immigrated to the United States and ended up in Bristol, CT, though a few stayed behind. She died on the very same day that my Aunt Martha Fox (Esther’s granddaughter) was born.

This is the only picture I have of her. We lost contact with the Doyle’s who lived in Ireland sometime during the 1990s. She must have been a formidable woman. Her husband died in about 1896 and she raised her children on her own and never re-married.

Esther O'Rourke Doyle ~1850 - 1923

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  1. Jim McNulty

    This is my great, great grandmother!

    • Jim Sanders

      Hi Jim,

      Sorry to not get back to you earlier. We should compare notes then…

      Regards, Jim

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