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This purpose of this website is to provide insight into unusual and hidden genealogy nuggets which are hidden in local libraries, local historical societies and other organizations.

It seeks to index these records and provide enough information so that the local researcher can find and locate that record to see if any additional information is available. In many cases, additional information will be available when looking at the original record.

The search engine provides the horsepower to search our database and then the additional detailed information point you back to the orginal facility. These facilities help keep these recods available to the general public. Without these facilities these records might be lost forever. Please consider joining their organizations and/or donating to them. This is often the only source of revenue these facilities might have.

If you ever have questions about this website please send an e-mail to info@hiddengenealogynuggets.com. If you ever experience an issue with the website itself, please send an e-mail to webmaster@hiddengenealogynuggets.com

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  1. Tracy Smith

    I just stumbled across your site. I found one of my ancestors in the search engine. I’ll be sure to stop by again to see what addtional records have been loaded. I have family from the Seymour CT area.

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