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Amanuensis Monday: Bungay School Records 1892-93, Seymour Connecticut

Posted by on Monday, 4 February, 2013

The Bungay School was a very small school in Seymour, Connecticut.  Below is a transcription of the students who went there in the school year 1892-93.

School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
Bungay Jessie A. Davis 1892 – 93


Name Age Last birthday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Maggie Brennan F 12 0 James Brennan
Dora Brennan F 10 4 James Brennan
Lena Carol F 7 9 John Shay
Jennie Shay F 14 3 John Shay
Clara Tanner F 11 9 George Tanner
Minnie Tanner F 9 8 George Tanner
Alice Sullivan F 13 11 Nellie Sullivan
Emily P Fannebecker? F 11 3 Srax? Bormannen?
Frank Graham M 14 11 Hugh Graham
Joe Graham M 13 2 Hugh Graham
Walter Davis M 9 8 Edward J Davis
Clarence Davis M 7 10 Edward J Davis
Leo Shay M 12 4 John Shay
Harold Miles M 6 6 John Miles
Willie Tanner M 13 1 George Tanner
George Shay M 15 7 John Shay
James Brennan M 15 7 Thomas Brennan
Eugene Shay M 16 8 John Shay
Robert Campbell M 6 10 Campbell
George Campbell M 5 0 Campbell
Eddie Tanner M 6 0 George Tanner



Genealogy by the States – Week 5 – Connecticut

Posted by on Sunday, 3 February, 2013

This week’s blogging prompt is the State of Connecticut. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to Connecticut. If you don’t have any connections to Connecticut, find a Connecticut resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 2/3/2013 – 2/9/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.


Since I live in Connecticut and most of my recent ancestors lived in Connecticut almost all of thier lives, it’s hard for me to choose just one family to blog about.

John Charles Sanders was the first of my Sanders line to move to Connecticut. His parents were Henry L. Sanders and Barbara Anne Warwick. He was their third of five children. He and his siblings were all born in England. He had an older brother Henry an older sister Frances, a younger brother William and a younger sister Margaret Mary. His mother died when he was only about 10 years old. His father remarried to Mary Fall. Henry and Mary had three children, Edward, Alice and Jessie.

Mary Clark Tripp was born on August 21, 1842. She was the first of eleven children of James Henry Tripp and Ann Clark. She was born in Fairhaven, MA.

John married Mary Clark Tripp on September 8, 1861 in New Bedford, MA. They would eventually have eleven children, Henry, Frances, Sarah, Joseph, James, Anne, John, Herbert, Ada, William and Edith. Tragically, their son James Frank Sanders died in 1892. He was only two years old at the time.

1850 us census sanders joseph.jpg

Their son Joseph had a son, William Herbert Sanders. William Herbert Sanders married Marion Isobel Laurie. William and Marion had two sons, William Alfred Sanders and James Edward Sanders. According to the 1870 Census, John and Mary lived with their family in Tariffvile, Connecticut. John was working as a cigar maker. He valued his personal property at $1,000. Living along with them was their nephew Joseph H. Valdiva. Also living with them at the time was Sarah A. Tripp the sister of Mary. This sister worked in the cigar shop.

John Charles Sanders from New Britain, Connecticut

John Charles Sanders was a member of the Harmony Lodge (Masonic) in New Britain, CT. According to a letter dated March 3, 1974 they had his signature as John Sandus. With handwriting in cursive and writing fast the “er” could be interpreted as an “s”. John had a small cigar shop p at the rear of 398 South Main St., New Britain, CT and later on Arch Street.

John and his family lived at 493 Myrtle Street from 1888 through 1890. Sometime in 1890 or 1891, John and his family moved to 121 Washington Street. The family moved again sometime between 1891 and 1892. They moved to 398 South Main Street. They family remained living there until at least 1900.

On January 7, 1901, John Charles Sanders died in New Britain, CT. At the time of his death, his wife of 39 years was still living along with ten of his children, numerous grandchildren and even some great grandchildren. Most of John and Mary’s children lived in New Britain throughout most of their lives.

Children of John Charles Sanders and Mary Clark Tripp

1. Henry L. Sanders, b. 11-Dec-1862 in New Bedford, MA, d. 11-Nov-1944 in Everett, MA, m. Hattie Croteau on 5-Apr-1883 in New Britain, CT, b. 6-Sep-1863, d. Oct-1942 in Brookline, MA

2. Frances Emma Sanders, b. 4-Dec-1864 in Fairhaven, MA, d. 19-Feb-1955 in Fall River, MA, m. James B. Parsons on 28-Dec-1881 in Unknown, b. 16-Apr-1864 in New Britain, d. 4-Oct-1933 in New Britain, CT

3. Sarah Abbie Sanders, b. 4-Oct-1866 in Suffield, CT, d. 12-Jul-1942 in New Britain, CT, m. Frederick A. Otto on 18-Nov-1885 in New Britain, CT, b. about 1859 in Germany, d. unknown.

4. Joseph Charles Sanders, b. 2-Apr-1868 in Tariffville, CT, d. 13-May-1946 in New Britain, CT, m. Mary Agnes Fraher on 24-May-1886 in New Britain, CT. b. 12-May-1865, d. 17-May-1933, both are buried at St. Mary’s cemetery in New Britain, CT.

5. James Frank Sanders, b. 12-Mar-1870 in Tariffville, CT, d. 3-Nov-1872 in Tariffville, CT

6. Anne Clark Sanders, b. 19-Feb-1872 in Tariffville, CT, d. unknown, m. John McKnight in 1889 in New Britain, CT, b. May-1868, died about 1908

7. John Leonard Sanders, b. 15-Dec-1875 in Tariffville, CT, d. 26-Jan-1913 in Hartford, CT. m. Emma Louise Samlow, b. 25-Mar-1875 in New Britain, CT, d. 12-Oct-1916 in New Britain, CT. John is buried in Fairview Cemetery in New Britain, CT.

8. Herbert Ephraim Sanders, b. 9-Feb-1876 in Tariffville, CT, d. 27-Aug-1960 in Westfield, MA, m. Gertude E. Stowe, b. 21-Oct-1880 in Frelighsburg, Quebec, Canada, d. 20-Sep-1956 in Jacksonville, FL. Herbert is buried in Southwick, MA in New cemetery, Gertrude is Buried in Restlawn Cemetery, Jacksonville, FL

9. Ada May Sanders, b. 24-Jul-1878 in New Britain, CT, d. 24-May-1955 in New Britain, CT. m. Joseph T. Suprenant on 19-Nov-1896, b. 14-Oct-1863, d. 23-Dec-1951 in New Britain, CT.

10. William Jennings Sanders, b. 19-Nov-1880 in New Britain, CT, d. 13-May-1956 in Cheshire, CT, m. Josephine C. Hahn on 27-Nov-1901 in New Britain, CT, b. 17-Dec-1882 in Germany, d. 20-Aug-1956. Both are buried in Old Pine Grove Cemetery in Waterbury, CT

11. Edith Elma Sanders, b. 18-Aug-1884 in New Britain, CT, d. 4-Jun-1973 in New Britain, CT, m. Adolph John Wagner, b. 18-Mar-1878 in Kensington, CT, d. 24-Aug-1950 in New Britain, CT. Edith is buried in Fairview Cemetery in New Britain, CT.

1. 1850 US Census, Dracut, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Roll: M432_322; Page: 288A;
2. 1870 US Census, Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, post office Tariffville, roll 104, page 245, image 111.
3. 1880 US Census, New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut; Roll: T9_98; Page: 459.2000; Enumeration District: 21; Image: 0359.
4. 1900 US Census, New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut : series T623, roll 139, page 12
5. 1910 US Census, New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut : various for children of Joseph C. Saunders
6. 1920 US Census, New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut : various for children of Joseph C. Saunders
7. 1930 US Census, New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut : various for children of Joseph C. Saunders
8. 1940 US Census, New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut : various for children of Joseph C. Saunders
9. Personal knowledge of William Alfred Sanders, William Herbert Sanders oldest son
10. History of the Sanders Family by Edward Sanders of Geneva, New York
11. Death Certificate of Joseph Charles Sanders
12. Marriage Certificate of Joseph Charles Sanders

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Amanuensis Monday: Third Primary School Records, Seymour Connecticut, 1892-93

Posted by on Monday, 28 January, 2013

How about having 36 boys and 27 girls in one classroom?  Of course not everyone must have shown up every day, but that is a lot. The following are school records very useful for genealogy from 1892-93.


School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
Third Primary Mattie S. Rider 1892 – 93


Name Age Last birthday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Maud Bradley F 9 1 Aug 19 Mr. John Bradley
Minnie Bishop F 7 8 Dec 24 Mr. Henry Bishop
Lizzie Carney F 9 4 May 10 Mr. Patrick Carney
Fannie Conine F 9 1 Aug 19 Mr. Henry Conine
Hester Carlson F 10 4 May 10 Mr. Charles Carlson
Nellie Fitzgerald F 9 0 Sept 1 Mr. Michael Fitzgerald
Mabel Halligan F 8 11 Nov 29 Mr. Henry Halligan
Tilda Kolb F 9 8 Jan 18 Mr. John Kolb
Maggie Molan F 8 9 Dec 29 Mr. Thomas Molan
Nina Mason F 9 7 Feb 16 Mr. Charles Mason
Margaret OKeefe F 8 9 Dec 19 Mr. Edward OKeefe
Mary Rus F 9 11 Sept 19 Mr. William Rus
Gussie Scheffler F 9 11 Oct 16 Mr. John Scheffler
Lena Simmons F 11 8 Jan 25 Mr. Eden Simmons
Tammy Schneider F 8 9 Dec 10 Mr. Henry Schneider
Annie Tucker F 9 4 May 6 Mr. Charles Tucker
Helen Warner F 10 2 July 19 Mr. Wallace Warner
Blanche Washburn F 9 9 Dec 6 Mr. George Washburn
Bessie Wakely F 9 6 Mar 2 Mr. George Wakely
Olive Wilingworth F 10 8 Dec 3 Mrs. Jane Wilingworth
Lillian Mason F 8 11 Sept 26 Mr. William Mason
Daisy Lyons F 9 11 Aug 6 Mr. John Lyons
Lizzie Tamkil F 9 10 July 5 Mr. Edward Tamkil
Bessie Tocher F 8 7 Sept 8 Master Charles Tocher
Retta Shonheimer F 9 9 July 8 Mr. Henry Shonheimer
Lucy Carney F 8 5 Sept 30 Mr. Patrick Carney
Lydia Schmidhausler F 10 6 Oct 18 Mr. Henry Schmidhausler
Michael Bennett M 12 5 April 21 Mr. Morris Bennett
Louie Bullis M 11 6 March 22 Mr. Frank Bullis
Walter Burgess M 11 1 Aug 12 Mr. Arthur Burgess
Alfred Collington M 8 11 Sept 19 Mr. Henry Collington
Johnie Cass M 9 2 July 12 Mr. Nicholas Cass
Dannie Cass M 9 6 Mar 3 Mr. William Cass
Charlie Duestin M 13 6 Mar Mr. Henry Duestin
Johnie Deady M 7 6 Mar 21 Mr. James Deady
Ira Dick M 8 7 Feb 25 Mr. Charles Dick
Norman French M 10 3 June 18 Mr. Edward French
Willie Finkle M 12 6 Mar 27 Mr. Albert Finkle
George Garrett M 9 3 June 24 Mr. Lewis Garrett
Lewis Hull M 9 4 May 25 Mr. John Hull
Ralph Hollaney M 9 0 Sept 5 Mr. John Hollaney
Ned Jewett M 9 11 Sept 18 Mr. Charles Couper?
Dennis McNerney M 8 3 June 6 Mr. Michael McNerney
Harold Moore M 8 12 Nov 9 Mr. O D Syku?
Arthur Maybury M 8 0 Spet 1 Mr. Charles Maybury
George Myers M 9 6 Mar 24 Mr. August Myers
Willie Mathers M 8 11 Oct 12 Mr. Charles Mathers
Walter Mystrom M 9 11 Sept 10 Mr. Peter Mystrom
Willie ODonnell M 9 11 Oct 1 Mr. William ODonnell
Michael Regan M 7 9 Dec 18 Mr. Michael Regan
Eddie Regan M 11 2 July 19 Mr. James Regan
Jossie Scheffer M 7 11 Oct 18 Mr. Wolfgang Scheffer
August Smith M 13 2 July 24 Mr. Adam Smith
Robbie Tolles M 8 8 Jan 13 Mr. Stiles Tolles
Howard Warner M 8 4 May 5 Mr. Wallace Warner
Fred Wirth M 11 2 July 1 Mr. Charles Wirth
James Smith M 9 3 June 25 Mr. Edward Smith
Alfred Kohler M 9 1 Aug 16 Mr. Edward Kohler
John Kolb M 13 3 June 26 Mr. Philip Kolb
Joseph Blythe M 11 6 Mar 9 Mr. Clinton Blythe
Robert Morris? M 9 7 Feb 28 Mr. Robert Morris?
Harry Hart M 9 5 Nov 8 Mr. Henry Hart
Bennie Manley M 9 5 Nov 22 Mr. John Manley



Amanuensis Monday: First Primary School Records, Seymour Connecticut, 1892-93

Posted by on Monday, 21 January, 2013

Can you imagine one teacher with a classroom of up to 55 students ranging in age from 5 to 12? The following are school records very useful for genealogy from 1892-93.

School Teacher Teacher 2 Year
First Primary Mary A Moose 1892 – 93


Age Last birthday Name of parent or guardian
First M Last S Sex Yr Mo Mo Day P First M Last
Anne Thorp F 7 11 Oct 4 Edward Thorp
Amy Patzer F 7 4 May 3 William Patzer
Daisy Knapp F 8 4 Apr Hiram Knapp
Anna Mason F 5 8 Dec 25 Chas. Mason
Edith Maynard F 7 4 May Mr. J B Maynard
Eliza Moshier F 9 8 Dec 12 James Moshier
Hattie Smith F 7 4 Apr Edward Smith
Jessie Jones F 7 5 Apr Harry Jones
Josie Brandow F 6 7 Jan 2 Geo. Brandow
Katie Keefe F 7 11 Oct 8 Edward Keefe
Katie Burshell F 7 0 Aug 9 Nathan Burshell
Lillie Geary F 6 1 July 17 William Geary
Lizzie Teutonback F 9 “moved”
Lottie Bishop F 5 2 June 6 Henry Bishop
Lillian Warner F 5 2 June Wallace Warner
Laura Bauer F 7 9 Nov Charles Bauer
Mary Clark F 7 9 Dec John Clark
Malbina? Miller F 10 5 Mar 14 August Miller
May Gilbert F 7 3 May 7 Mr. Fred Gilbert
Mamie Reardon F 8 0 Sept 29 John Reardon
Nellie OConnell F 10 8 Dec 25 Mrs. Kate OConnell
Minnie Ryan F 5 9 Dec 5 Thomas Ryan
Gertie Kottsman F 6 11 Jan
Flossie Evans F 4 Geo. Evans
Emma Buckossky F 8 9 Mar Charles Buckossky
Martha Buckossky F 7 8 Feb Charles Buckossky
Alfred Rumetch M 6 6 Feb 21 Stenpy? Rumetch
Charlie Lumb M 6 8 Dec John Lumb
Charlie Evans M 7 8 Dec 29 Geo. Evans
David Owens M 6 6 Feb 18 David Owens
Earl Sperry M 5 8 Dec Frank Sperry
Earnest Manweiler M 7 11 Nov Jacob Manweiler
Frank Regan M 6 7 Jan 8 James Regan
Fielding Sheland M 6 “moved”
Freddia Weislogel M 6 8 Dec Fred Weislogel
Freddia Stephanofsky M 7 0 Sept 3 John Stephanofsky
Hugo Schaffer M 5 1 Jan William Schaffer
Henry Baldwin M 6 1 July Noble Baldwin
John Molans M 5 2 June 28 Tom Molans
John McNerney M 6 9 Nov Mike McNerney
Joe Farland M 5 11 Nov 16 Peter Farland
James R Wilson M 6 Tom Wilson
Lewie Peturgh? M 12 Aug 16 Mrs. Lewie Peturgh?
Nelson Happy M 7 3 July 2 Nelson Happy
Hin? Simmons M 9 2 July 2 Simmons
Robbie Foster M 6 Sperry Foster
Robbie Stewart M 6 7 Jan 18 Gabriel Stewart
Raymand Healy M 7 5 Mar Robert Healy
Walter Lyons M
Willie Mahoney M 8 1 Aug 2 William Mahoney
Clinton Bluthoe? M 9 Clinton Bluthoe?
William J Riddler M 7 5 Mar James Riddler
Henry Kottman M 6 10 Feb 13 John Kottman
Leon Maynard M 5 9 Mar 1 Jessie Maynard
Archie McKee M 8 1 Apr Robert McKee
Harry Bartell M 7 9 July 31

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