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Society Saturday – Oxford CT Historical Society

Posted by on Saturday, 3 March, 2012

History and Genealogy are great compliments to each other. In order to understand ones ancestors you need to know about the history in which they lived in. There’s no better place than to get this history from your local historical society. They put on tremendous programs to help others in the community learn about the history and culture of the area.

I live in a small town in Oxford, Connecticut. I belong to both a genealogy club and the local Oxford Historical Society . A few years ago an old historic home in town was moved and is now the home of the historical society. On May 5 & 6, they will have an opening day for the homestead. If you live near Oxford, CT, stop by and enjoy the program. If you live quite a ways from Oxford, CT, check out your local historical societies where you live. These programs need your help and appreciate your attendence.

 Saturday, Sunday, May 5 & 6:  Grand opening of the Twitchell-Rowland Homestead. Saturday programs to feature appearance of David Loda as General David Humphreys, who imported Merinos to the Naugatuck Valley, starting a period of great prosperity in Oxford.  Sunday programs will feature sheep shearing demonstrations, Merino sheep exhibit, and spinning wheel demonstrations, plus hands-on drop-spindle spinning activities.  Free.

As the date draws closer I will post an update to this blog with a more detailed calendar of events. I look forward to seeing some of you at this event.