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You probably know what your grandfather did for a living, but what did he do for fun? Learning about your most recent ancestors lives and passing that onto your children can be fun for you and for them.

What games did you play when you were little? What games did your parents or grandparents play? If it was a board game, then most likely it is still around. Why not play this game with your children or grandchildren? If you don't own the game anymore you might find it at Walmart, who is one of our affiliated providers. USA, LLC

Family Tree Fun Ideas

Family History does not always need to be about names, dates and places. When you are trying to get your children or grandchildren involved you need a more engaging subject to keep their interest. As they grow they will want to know the other information.

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Feel free to distribute the genealogy puzzles freely as long as the reference to hidden genealogy nuggets remains on the puzzle.

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Please visit our brand new family tree school project page Family Tree School Projects. Here you will find some ideas for family tree school projects. This page will continued to be enhanced in the coming weeks.