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Genealogy by the States – Week 18 – Louisiana

Posted by on Sunday, 5 May, 2013

This week’s blogging prompt is the State of Louisiana. Blog about an ancestor or your families connection to Louisiana. If you don’t have any connections to Louisiana, find a Louisiana resource useful for genealogy research to highlight and write about. This week’s prompt runs from 5/5/2013 – 5/11/2013. If you choose to follow along, I would appreciate a mention to the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.

I did not find a single mention in my genealogy database in reference to the state of Louisiana. This is one of those weeks where I’m just going to highlight a particular genealogy resource I’ve found for the state of Louisiana.

The Louisiana Digital Archives has a wide collection of digital collections. You can browse various collections by topic, time period, name and more.

Here are a few I found particularly interesting

  • Civil War Photograph Album:
  • This album contain a number of photographs of soldiers from the civil war. They are mostly officers and there are not a whole lot of them, but ig your ancestor was an officer from Louisiana, you might get lucky.

  • Louisiana Newspaper Access Program:
  • This collection contains various newspapers which have been digitized and are available for browsing. Some of the newspapers include the Baton-Rouge Gazette and Louisiana Planter. Perhaps you’ll find your ancestor’s name or some of their neighbors listed in the newspaper.

If you have Louisiana ancestors, be sure to check out this website.

A few Louisiana Genealogy Links

Louisiana Newspaper Archives at Genealogy Bank

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Young Woman from Brooklyn, New York

Posted by on Wednesday, 1 May, 2013

Can you help identify this woman? When was the studio in business at this location?


Approximate Date of Picture: Unknown, perhaps around 1900?

Description of Picture: young woman

Size of Picture: 4.25″ * 6.5″

Type of Picture: Cabinet Card

Possible Subject or Family Group: Sanders – Fryher

Studio:v Reynolds, 507 Grand Street (Old No. 403) Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dates the Studio was in business: Unknown


Cabinet Card of a middle aged woman in Brooklyn, New York