Wordless Wednesday = Sanders – Fryher Photo Album – Image 25

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This photo comes from a 19th century Sanders & Fryher Photo album. If you can identify the date, age of the individual or who the person is, please post a remark about it.

Sanders - Fryher Photo Genealogy - New Britain, Connecticut - image 25


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  1. Her dress suggests to me that she lived in the 1860’s. Same for the hair except for the little curls at the forehead. She looks pretty dressed up.

    • Jim Sanders

      Thanks for stopping by and the feedback. The 1860s seems about right to me as well, I’m guessing she was in her late 20s, perhaps 30. I wish I could figure out who it was.

      I wish these photos had some identification. This photo comes from a 19th century photo album which I was lucky enought to be the recipient of a photo reunion. The album was with someone who worked at a meseum in Philadelphia.

      Regards, Jim

  2. Hello Jim, I have so many Haight and Bedgood family pictures with no names. Don’t know if we can leave email info but… Should you run into people with knowledge of those names, please forward them to my website. I will do the same for Sanders and Fryher.

    • Jim Sanders

      I don’t have any Haight or Bedgood in my ancestry, but if I rnu across any in my research, I’ll let you know.

      Regards, Jim

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